5 Most Overrated Match Types In Professional Wrestling History

kaz danielsContributor ISeptember 18, 2010

5 Most Overrated Match Types In Professional Wrestling History

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    OK i'm gonna get this off my chest, some matches that are booked make no sense! some have 2 much hype and promotion that it makes you want to change the channel. Some make you wonder why would you mess up a perfect feud with this stupid match? and yes the steel cage match is on this list! i think some of you are gonna agree with me when this is published while some may disagree. anyway lets get this started.

5) Item On a Pole Match

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    ok seriously, this has to be one of the worst match types ever! you can't have a great feud with this match. the only benefit this match has is when you see a diva climb it looking sexy! just stop using this match!

4) Strap Match

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    what's the point of this match?! seriously. i don't see any point in this match. hardcore?no, extreme?no, worth watching? hell no!

    I don't even know what's the rules of this match! it confuses the hell out of me!

3) Punjabi Prison Match

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    i hate this match! this one is really overrated to me. i am really glad that this match was discontinued after its unsuccessful matches.

2) Tables Match

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    There should be no one that is hurt after this match! all you are doing is putting someone through a table. only Team 3d can put on entertaining table matches. seriously WWE i'm directing this one at you. stop doing table matches!


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    absolutely out dated and more overrated than any other match on this list. lately both TNA and WWE have been bokking Steel cage matches like they are deadly and violent. NO not at all! especially WWE!  I don't know how you mess up one of the simplest matches. WWE knows how to though.



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    just take my advice and stop doing these matches. plz your causing your ratings to decrease and your names being tarnished by the IWC.



    I'm kaz i'll see you later!