The Minnesota Vikings Might Be in Trouble if They Pursue Vincent Jackson

Devin Rubink@@drubinkContributor IApril 6, 2017

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

With recent news of Vincent Jackson's suspension reduction, many are looking the Minnesota Vikings as a possible match to land the wide receiver. If traded, Jackson would be eligible to play after the team's fifth game. For the Vikings, that would mean he could play starting with the October 17th game against Dallas. However, the team might want to think twice if they're going to make a move for Vincent Jackson.

First of all, the price for Jackson would be very high. Jackson has been holding out for a new contract, so the team the trades for him will have to pay him big money. The team has a lot of money tied up in contracts and with so many pending free agents, they might not want to offer up that much for a new player when they will be needing to re-sign some other key players on the roster.

Not only would it cost a lot for Vincent Jackson's contract, the Vikings would also have to compensate his former team, the San Diego Chargers. It would probably have to be a first round pick in the trade. The Vikings gave up their first round pick a few years ago to get Jared Allen, but with all the success they've had with first round picks, they might not be so willing to give one up this time.

Another big reason the Vikings should probably rethink going after Vincent Jackson is Sidney Rice. Rice, the team's #1 receiver from last year, had off season hip surgery and is scheduled to miss at least half the season. However, he could be close to coming back by the time Jackson would be able to play in a game.

Also, Rice is waiting on a new contract as well. He is in the last year of his rookie contract and is due to receive a big contract. If the team gave Jackson a big contract, and would also have to keep overpaying Bernard Berrian, their just wouldn't be any money to pay Rice. And with Rice wanting a new contract, how upset would he be finding out that they paid Jackson?

Vincent Jackson is a very good wide receiver, but do the Vikings really need him? They will have Sidney Rice coming back soon after Jackson would be able to start playing. If they can holdout until Rice returns, they will not have to pay the high price to both San Diego and Vincent Jackson.