The Best Ever in Pro Wrestling History, The Answer To A Time Aged Discussion!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 18, 2010

When it comes to pro wrestling; we see a lot of articles that are posted on the net. These articles are usually informative reads that everyone enjoys. There is one common occurring theme that always seems to pop up.

You can bet all your money in the bank that someone will always post a, “this is the best wrestler ever article.” While some of these articles are based of informative facts, thoughts, and opinions. I also find that many of them are based off blind fans that are nothing more than absolute marks for that wrestler.

Either way though none of these articles are ever relevant. The truth is people are going to like whom they like. I will give you the answer though to the question of who is the best ever. It is a very simple answer to a simple question.  There is no such thing as a best ever in pro wrestling history.

I don’t care what kind of argument you present to me or anyone else. The facts are in pro wrestling there is no one wrestler who conquers all. If anyone tries to tell you there is they are foolish.

Who are we the fans or any other source to make this claim? It is not only a silly claim to try to make, it is also an unfair one. In other sports records and championships count for a whole lot more than they do in pro wrestling.

In pro wrestling records and titles can be changed with a stroke of the pen from a promoter. Pro Wrestling is not real; so any records or titles are nothing more than a story. So how can wins, losses, and titles, mean anything at all?

The only way to even remotely determine a wrestler’s status in history is by what he or she has contributed to wrestling’s legacy as a performer. Even if you judge it by that, it is almost impossible to determine. It’s just a silly argument all together if you ask me.

Let me point out a few examples of what I mean when I say what a wrestler has contributed. Let’s look at Lou Thesz for example, he is considered by many as the godfather of pro wrestling. Thesz, not only was the main force for pushing pro wrestling into mainstream society, but he also invented half of the wrestling holds that have been used over the last 60 years.

By standards like that, wouldn’t he be considered the best ever?

How about a guy like Buddy Rogers? It is a known fact that he was one of the main driving forces for making wrestling popular on TV. He ran the territories for decades. He also has inspired guys like flair to become as great as they are.

Guys like Hogan, Hart, HBK, and many others, have all in some way shape or form were important part of pro wrestling history. So how can anyone say that one person was truly better than another? The answer to that is; you can’t.

Throughout pro wrestling’s rich history every perfumer, promoter, ring announcer, and even the lowly jobbers have all made their fair shares to contribute. It would be unfair and disrespectful to say one person is held above everyone that made this business great.

You can argue who was the best ever in a certain time period. There is no reason why a healthy debate can’t be made over a certain era. It is not only fun to talk about; but it also educates people on the history of wrestling.

It is just utterly foolish though to claim that one wrestler is the best in wrestling history. It will never be proven or established that there is one wrestler that beats all. That is just how it is and will always be.

I am sure this will not keep more “Best ever” articles from popping up. This is mainly because the argument of “who is the best ever” has been around since wrestling’s birth. It is an argument that will always be around, much like pro wrestling itself.

You will also articles like this one pop up from time to time. It is a never ending circle that will never go away. I would also like to add that I never want these opinions and thoughts to go away. That may seem strange that I would say that considering what I just wrote.

 Keep in mind; it is after all the arguments and opinions that make pro wrestling so much fun.

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