WWE Night Of Champions-Silent Ramblings Of An Obscurantist!!

Ricky BhatiaContributor ISeptember 18, 2010

UNCASVILLE, CT - AUGUST 3:  Actor Jeremy Piven guest hosts WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' at Mohegan Sun on August 3, 2009 in Uncasville, Connecticut.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
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It has been a really long time since I penned down something for the Bleachers.So, i might come off a bit rusty but it is always better to get off the blocks real quick.

The things in the E are quite heated up.They should be, NOC is just a hiccup away.The concept which originally stated that only title bouts will be served has evolved to being every title on the line plus more.(Tag title match will be impromptu i guess)

The recent booking of the pay-per-view has reinstated my respect in WWE's ability to build up an event,or to hype one up.The build up to the more spotlight hogging matches has been top notch with both SD! and RAW dishing out interesting happenings in each week`s shows.Now moving on to break-up analysis--


The Show is about to get Punk'd big time

There has been a furore over the recent use(read misuse) of CM Punk and his storyline with the Big Show.The creative genius of IWC (of which i am a part of) has passed out the judgement on this 'Punk getting his balls handed to him' saga being a draconian mistake on the booker's part as they are putting a talent of Punk`s magnitude to shame week after week.Maybe Punk asked Stephanie to stop smoking and is being punished for that or maybe by Triple H for asking Steph to sleep with him.



It's true,since this angle began(though one wonders how randomly they crossed paths),the face Show has teared him and his society apart and their masks too,defeated them 3-on-1 and knocked their canines all over with a big grin to make them his harmless bitches.Suddenly,we have this filler match at NOC.

Picture this:In a 5 minute squash, Big Show knocks out Punk out of his misery.Okay,thoughts can be ugly sometimes and if this happens,hope Punk never runs into Show again.But on the brighter side of predictions,i believe,like many,Punk is winning this one.For how long can one be dominated(unless you are on an MVP-esque losing streak)?? I don't want any outside interventions,SES is over for good.It might be a hard to believe conclusion since Show defeated all 3 of them clean,but by hook or crook,Punk wins.Also, i don't believe this is a very terrible booking.Considering Punk is on the card and if they let him put the giant in slumber with GTS,Punk's push is not long gone. Infact,the straight edge messiah is back in town to inviolate the Punks(optimism knows no bounds).


You know what you are 'Miz'sing- Awesome







IWC darling Daniel Bryan has one up Miz's ass as he is crossfacing (what? Lebell Lock it is) and making Miz tap out week after week.This is in perfect symphony with Miz's character- the loudmouth who wouldnot dare a straight fight but will always bitch about the back and play cheap tricks.The common belief is that Miz loses US title and cashes MITB later.But i care to disagree.Bryan-Miz is a long shot from over.Miz is keeping his title with help from Riley and Cole.Yes, Cole.Haven't you noticed Michael marking out for Miz and he definitely has no love lost for Daniel.Expect Miz to retain,anyhow ,either by pin or by DQ and this feud grows more whiter.If it's by DQ,i see Daniel standing tall,levelling the field with the Lebell Lock.


Who is the big evil-Monsterly Woes 

Don't be notorious to jump on the bandwagon 'this has been seen one too many times' too soon.Infact,we haven't seen this anytime before.Too see our favorite monster getting his long due shot at glory and going wonderfully destructive with it is a sight to sit back and rejoice.Don't shed tears for it being Kane's farewell party high,Kane is bound for glory for a few more years he has in him.Expect the two to put on a slug fest at NOC with Kane retaining.I predict a page from the history books being pulled, maybe a Paul Bearer to spice up the mix. 


In any way,don't bother to rant or rumble about this rivalry a lot.These two still can dig deep in the ring and are delivering vintage classic promos for two guys who haven't ever used stick work to enforce their menace.


Hexagonal Challenge awaits the King

The flooding prediction reports I see are all so varied and spicy because of this match.Between six top- tier guys,its hard to pick the winner but with elimination ways,its been made more dicey than originally.I will try to cut it short and sound.

Edge has been in middle of nowhere and he goes nowhere near the top(maybe to SD!).I say let him put Evan Bourne over on RAW.

Cena has Nexus to take care of Nexus till Survivor Series where Nexus finally RIPs.

A Wade Barett win odds seem nice,but come on,he is no Lesnar or Sheamus,he ain't getting it that quick.

Chris Jericho,the man who saves the show on most occasions than not,is nor leaving neither winning.Think i am bold,assume Jericho coming out on next week's RAW and claiming that he saved himself again by bluffing the gelatinous hypocrites that we are.

Randy Orton is more like a raging bull rather than a viper these days.If WWE is so hell bent in putting Sheamus over as the next major player,why not give him a decent reign.Sheamus wins,cameras shift to HIAC and he loses eventually to Orton,but not losing credibility.

Though i may not be able to pull out more bunnies from my magic hat, WWE's has not.You can get bolted out of the blues.

NOC has been set up as an affair to remember this time around.Though the night is expected to proceed as majorly speculated but the element of 'Miz'tery is lurking around and i,for one, believe it would not be a blunderous 'Miz'take if Miz cashes in on Orton and Miz eventually loses.This sets us up for a hot Orton-Miz feud and eventually main-event status to the 'Miz'ter awesome