WWE Night Of Champions 2010 Predictions!

Doreen Hines@DoreenH1989Contributor ISeptember 18, 2010

WWE Night of Champions 2010 Predictions!


Ah, Night of Champions! One of my favorite Pay-Per-Views of the year will be emanating from the All State Arena in Chicago, Illinois this coming Sunday. Now a few weeks ago, the day after SummerSlam to be precise, I came out with an article called, Night of Champions, A Preview. Lets look back and see which matches I guessed correctly and which ones I didn't, and then we'll move onto my actual predictions.


WWE Championship Match – Triple Threat Match

Sheamus (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. John Cena

Well, I was close, wasn't I? At the time of me guessing this, the thought had gone through my mind that maybe they'd make it a Six-Pack Challenge instead or a Championship Scramble. I just wasn't sure. I actually like the idea of a Six-Pack Challenge better than I do a Triple Threat, and a Six-Pack Elimination Challenge is even better. It'll be just like the Elimination Chamber Match, but without the cage and without the every five-minute entrance of a new superstar.


World Heavyweight Championship Match

Kane (c) vs. The Undertaker

Well, this match was more or less a no brainer to guess! Everyone knew it was going to happen. I had, however, thought they'd of made it a Casket Match, but a No Holds Barred Match is just fine too.


United States Championship Match

The Miz (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

This, to me, was another no brainer ever since Daniel Bryan made his triumphant return and took The Miz's spot in the 7-on-7 WWE/Nexus Match at SummerSlam. Should be a hell of a match!


Intercontinental Championship Match

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

And yet another no brainer, what with Nexus interrupting the first PPV match at SummerSlam. I'm 3-1 so far!


Unified Tag Team Championships Match

The Hart Dynasty (c) vs. Edge and Chris Jericho vs. The Straight Edge Society

Well, the tag team titles are no longer unified, are they? I definitely didn't see that coming! Edge and Chris Jericho are in the WWE Championship Six-Pack Elimination Challenge, so they won't be challenging for the tag titles, and The Straight Edge Society seems to have all but disbanded, so they won't be facing them either. I actually like the idea of Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre possibly facing them instead. Those are two young stars who weren't at SummerSlam that should have been, and it'll be nice to see the two of them again in their first PPV appearance since July's Money in the Bank.


Women's Championship/Diva's Championship Winners Take All Match

Co-WWE Women's Champions LayCool (Michelle McCool & Layla)


WWE Divas Champion Melina & Kelly Kelly

I still think this would have been the much better match over the title unification lumberjack match, but I suppose WWE doesn't feel the same. Maybe if Beth Phoenix wasn't out due to injury we'd be seeing this match instead, as Kelly Kelly isn't one of the best in-ring workers and definitely not one of the Diva's divisions top stars when it comes to that. I've warmed up the idea of a title unification, but I still have some hope that they'll be a swerve. I'll talk more about this below.


So overall in my guessing of the Night of Champions card 5 weeks ago, I'm 3-3. Not bad, says I! Now, onto the official Night of Champions card and my actual predictions:


WWE Championship Match – Six-Pack Elimination Challenge

Sheamus (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett

Who I Want to Win: Randy Orton

Who Will Win: Randy Orton

There's no doubt in my mind that it'll be Randy Orton winning this match and becoming a 7-time WWE Champion. But if he doesn't win, I see Sheamus retaining. No offense against the other guys in the match, but they're just there to fill space. John Cena is still feuding with the Nexus and doesn't need the title. While giving Wade Barrett the title would be a nice twist, I honestly don't see it happening. Yet. WWE isn't known for taking the title off of one heel and then putting it on another in these type of matches. As much as I am a huge Edge fan, I don't see him winning here either. For two reasons: 1) It's rumored he'll be one of the stars moving to SmackDown next month, so unless they're gonna move Kane and The Undertaker and their World Heavyweight Championship feud to Raw and Edge and the WWE Championship to SmackDown, I don't see it happening. On the other hand though, Edge isn't really in much of a feud right now so giving him the belt could give him something to do, but still, I don't see it happening. Not yet anyway. My guess is he won't get the belt again till WrestleMania time. Same with Triple H when he eventually comes back. 2) This WWE Title feud is being built around Sheamus and Randy Orton, so unless they're gonna add Edge to the mix and make it a 3-way feud, this is another reason for him not to win. As for Chris Jericho, my reason for him not winning is quite simple. His contract expires later this month, and it's been reported that he won't be at the Raw after Night of Champions so, what does that say? If he won the belt, he'd be on Raw the next day, boasting and bragging about his win, not hanging out with friends at home. So there you have it: Randy Orton wins or Sheamus retains, but I think it's gonna be Randy Orton that wins.


World Heavyweight Championship Match – No Holds Barred Match

Kane (c) vs. The Undertaker

Who I Want to Win: Kane

Who Will Win: Kane

Wow, just wow! I have been absolutely blown away by this feud! Yes, it's been done like a gazillion times before, but still, this time it just feels and seems different. Kane's the one that has the advantage in this feud and not The Undertaker, and that's why I think it'll be Kane that wins the fight, but The Undertaker that wins the war. Case in point, Kane will win at Night of Champions on Sunday, but The Undertaker will win at Hell in a Cell next month. Rather or not this feud ends there remains to be seen, but I could very easily see them drag this out all the way to Survivor Series or beyond. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!


United States Championship Match

The Miz (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Who I Want to Win: Daniel Bryan

Who Will Win: Daniel Bryan

This is actually a tough one for me. Depending on how long this feud goes, this match could go either way. The Miz could very well retain at Night of Champions, then lose at Hell in a Cell, but I don't think they'll do it that way. The only way to make this feud more interesting than it already is, is to take the belt off The Miz and let him chase it for awhile. This could eventually lead to him growing tired of the belt and then move on to really thinking about cashing in Money in the Bank. That way Daniel Bryan could then move onto feuding with other, more worthy opponents. Like John Morrison, Ted DiBiase, Evan Bourne, etc etc. Just a thought, but I think it'd work. Still, I'd have the Daniel Bryan/Miz feud last until at least Hell in a Cell or Bragging Rights before all this happened.

Intercontinental Championship Match

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

Stipulation: If Dolph Ziggler gets DQ'd or counted out, he loses the IC Title.

Who I Want to Win: Kofi Kingston

Who Will Win: Dolph Ziggler

It's hard to believe this feud has only been going on nonstop for a few months, but actually it has. I think this will be the make or break chapter of the feud. As much as I like Dolph Ziggler as champion, if he were to win here this would more or less bury Kofi Kingston. Now, don't get me wrong. I like how Kofi Kingston has been putting Dolph Ziggler over on SmackDown, but there's a point to where it's no longer putting someone over and just being buried. If Dolph Ziggler wins here, I think Kofi Kingston will be officially buried. But that's just me. They could very well have the title change hands, and then have Dolph Ziggler win it back at a later date. I don't know, but if it me booking it, that's what I'd do.


WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The Hart Dynasty (c) vs. Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes

Who I Want to Win: Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes

Who Will Win: The Hart Dynasty

First off, I don't even know if this is gonna happen, but I've got a feeling it will. Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes defeated The Hart Dynasty in a non-title match this Friday night on SmackDown. And considering how on the 900th episode of RAW a few weeks ago, they had a #1 contender's match for the tag team championships at Night of Champions between Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes and John Morrison and R-Truth, and that match was ruled a Double DQ if I remember correctly, having The Hart Dynasty face a team that's beaten them one-on-one in a non-title match spells #1 contenders to me. Now onto the match itself if it does in fact happen. I think the tag titles changing hands would actually be the best thing for the tag team division right now. The Hart Dynasty hasn't done much since winning the belts and are rarely even seen on either brand anymore. I can see if WWE can't fit them in on RAW every week, but let them appear on SmackDown sometimes. As unified tag champs they were able to appear on both brands. Has this changed since the titles are no longer unified? Their appearance on SmackDown this week obviously says, “I don't think so.” I honestly hope this match does happen, because I think it could great. Hopefully, we won't have to wait until the PPV itself to learn if it's been announced.


Title Unification, Lumberjack Match

for the WWE Women's Championship

for the WWE Divas Championships

Michelle McCool (Co-Women's Champion) vs. Melina (Divas Champion)

Who I Want to Win: Michelle McCool

Who Will Win: Michelle McCool

As revealed on this week's SmackDown, it will be Michelle McCool who faces Melina on Sunday. In all honesty, this doesn't surprise me. No offense against Layla and the fact that she is indeed the official WWE Women's Champion, but Michelle McCool is just better in the ring than her. Plain and simple. And if last year's Night of Champions match between Michelle McCool and Melina means anything, we're definitely in for a treat. Of course, there could end up being a swerve or two. Melina wins the match, but then Layla says that since Michelle McCool isn't the official champion, Melina has to beat her to officially unify the championships. Or we could see Michelle McCool win the match, but then it's revealed that the only reason LayCool asked for this title unification match was so they could have both titles to themselves and we'd then see Layla reign as Women's Champion and Michelle McCool reign as Divas Champion. Could it happen? Yes. Will it happen? Most likely, no. But it is just a thought. There's something else I'm going to touch on though, no matter what happens. I'm going to give my thoughts on why I think it will be Michelle McCool that wins on Sunday and not Melina. If Melina wins, who will be her next set of challengers after LayCool? Alicia Fox? Jillian Hall? Maryse? That's laughable! All the heels besides LayCool are a joke. Now, Maryse isn't that bad, but she still needs work with her in-ring skills to be a real heel threat. If LayCool wins, for their next set of challengers, and should I say challenger after Melina, you've Beth Phoenix. Beth Phoenix is actually the main reason I don't see Melina winning. Let me explain: When Beth Phoenix was injured earlier this year, she was feuding with LayCool for the Women's Championship. Beth Phoenix won the title from Michelle McCool at Extreme Rules, then lost it to Layla in a Handicap Match also involving Michelle McCool a few weeks later. Beth Phoenix never got her rematch for the Women's Championship. It wouldn't make any sense for the belt to be taken off LayCool so close to Beth Phoenix's return in the coming months. If so, what's Beth Phoenix gonna do when she comes back? Turn heel again and feud with Melina? Not likely. Michelle McCool will win at Night of Champions, swerve or no. I understand now why Melina was given the Divas Championship so quickly after her return. This must've been in the works for awhile. If not, kudos to WWE for coming up with something like this so quickly in light of Tiffany's suspension!


Big Show vs. CM Punk

Who I Want to Win: Cm Punk

Who Will Win: CM Punk

Um, no offense against Big Show or CM Punk but I thought this was Night of Champions? You know, the one PPV a year where the only way you get on the card is by challenging for a championship. I sense this match a small step of things to come, if WWE's really going to unify all their championships. They'll only be four left, unless they bring back say the European or Cruiserweight Championships, and you can't really have a PPV with only four matches on the card. With that said, I see CM Punk winning here since Big Show won at SummerSlam. This feud's been going on since what, June, July? I think July. I don't know if this is gonna be the end of it or not, but I certainly hope so. I think it's been going on long enough and has run its course.


In closing, and I know I said this about SummerSlam last month, but I really think Night of Champions has a chance at being one of the better WWE Pay-Per-Views this year. It definitely has the type of big feel matches on the card to deliver. I think it all comes down to rather or not the WWE screws it up or not. Leave your predictions in the comments below and let me know what you think of mine!