Obama Bashes Linda McMahon, Eric Bischoff On Heyman, And More!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 17, 2010

Matt Hardy hints on a TNA appearance

On Twitter Matt Hardy was asked if fans should by tickets for an upcoming WWE event or a TNA event. Matt responded by saying that it is most likely he will be at the TNA event. This has done nothing more but further the rumors of him going to TNA.

This is just a stupid move on Matt’s part. It would make more sense that he would keep his trap shut. The last thing you want to do is piss of Vince. I also have my doubts on how well he would do in TNA. While a Hardy reunion looks good on paper, it doesn’t mean that it will pan out that way.

Here is what Hardy had to say

When asked if people should buy tickets to see the WWE tour in Europe to see him or the January TNA in Berlin, Matt  said “I’d go with Berlin”.

Hardy also tweeted to Bubba the Love Sponge and said that he would like to go on his show to tell his side of the story with WWE.

Eric Bischoff comments on Paul Heyman rumors

Over the last few months there have been rumors floating around that Paul Hayman is going to TNA. While it was interesting water cooler talk, there has been no evidence to support this. Easy E recently chatted with Brian Fritz, and he talked a little about the rumors.

Here is what Eric had to say on the issue

On Paul Heyman coming to TNA

 “Yeah, it didn’t really surprise me. Look, Paul’s first and foremost a great promoter in the old-school sense and Paul got some attention, he got his name out there, he created some controversy, created some awareness. I believe that Paul believed every word he said but I also knew what was going on behind the scenes and I didn’t really overreact to it.”


On if Heyman came to TNA, and if they could get along

 ”I know that Hulk (Hogan) and (Vince) Russo and I can all coexist. All three of us would want to coexist. I can’t speak on behalf of Paul because it would take … It’s one of the things that I’ve learned and it’s actually been one of the most rewarding aspects of me being at TNA is the chemistry and the amount of respect and ease in which Russo and I can work together.”

Obama on the Attack

Recently Obama has been on the attack against Linda McMahon. He has publicly gone out of his way to endorse her opponent, and has also spoken against her. He has hinted that Linda isn’t fit for a seat on the senate.


This is what he said in regards to her opponent Blumenthal

“This is the kind of leader you want representing you, somebody you know,” Obama said of Blumenthal. “Somebody who doesn’t just show up and try to get a victory by writing a big check and flooding the airwaves with negative ads.”

“I understand [Linda McMahon] has promised a ’smackdown,’” Obama continued. “That is what she said. And, look, there’s no doubt, I can see how somebody who’s been in professional wrestling would think that they’re right at home in the United States Senate — if they were watching some of the behavior that’s been going on.”


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