The Picks: Predicting Week 2 Of NFL Action With The Upset Of The Week and More

Alex Tichenor@alextichenorCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2010

Did your fantasy teams get Arian Foster'd in week one?
Did your fantasy teams get Arian Foster'd in week one?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Last week I made my picks, and really questioned why I do these picks every week. It just makes my sports knowledge look questionable and wastes my time. Yet here I am again, making more picks and explaining about something that involves one or more of the teams in each game. And I know I'll be back doing this again next week after going 6-10. Oh, man. 

Last Week: 9-7 (vs. spread: 7-9)

Season: 9-7 [vs. spread: 7-9, Lock of the Week: 1-0 (1-0), Upset of the Week: 0-1 (0-1)]

Arizona @ Atlanta

Derek Anderson looked horrible last Sunday against St. Louis of all teams. Then again, in the updated version of Webster's dictionary "Derek Anderson" is one of the definitions for horrible. Atlanta doesn't possess one of the the elite pass defenses in the league, but they're not a bunch of middle schoolers, so beating Derek Anderson shouldn't be too difficult.

Atlanta 20 (-6.5), Arizona 10

Baltimore @ Cincinnati

It would have been hard for Cincinnati to look any worse than they did in week one against New England. All of their points came in garbage time and they could not stop the Patriots to save their lives. Baltimore coming into town is probably not the present they would have liked after that embarrassment.

Baltimore 23 (-1.5), Cincinnati 17

Kansas City @ Cleveland 

Kansas City beat San Diego, a team that went 13-3 last year, in week one. The Browns lost to Tampa Bay, a team that went 2-14 last year, in week one. The Browns are favored. Count me as one person that is scratching their head.

Kansas City 27 (+1.5), Cleveland 16

Chicago @ Dallas

Jay Cutler isn't known for his great decision making. Heck, Jay Cutler is known for throwing interceptions and acting like a fool (can't hide my disdain for Jay). He will be known in Dallas as Jay "The Pancake" Cutler after this game, not only because he eats tons of pancakes (have you seen how "chunky" Jay is?)., but because he's going to be hitting the turf all day long.

Dallas 20, Chicago 13 (+8.5)

Philadelphia @ Detroit

Is it me or does it seem like everybody is now rooting for Michael Vick (well, besides crazy animal lovers)? I used to hate Vick when he played for Atlanta and felt he undeservedly made a few Pro Bowls, but last week showed us why he was such a feared QB in the past. The guy has Formula One speed, and while his arm isn't the most accurate, can make some tough throws. If he wants to earn a starting job, he better put up some numbers on the Lions (I am probably stupidly starting Vick over Tom Brady in one of my fantasy leagues. I'm either going to look very smart or very dumb.Thanks for caring.)

Philadelphia 30 (-3.5), Detroit 14

Buffalo @ Green Bay

This really isn't fair. Shouldn't Buffalo have a +5 handicap or something. Trent Edwards is probably the worst starting quarterback in the league. (Never mind, I forgot about Jake Delhomme and Derek Anderson for a minute. Sorry about that. And very sorry to Browns and Cardinals fans.)

Green Bay 38 (-13.5), Buffalo 7 (Lock of the Week)

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee

Pittsburgh's stifling D is back, and the main reason for that is the return of a healthy Troy Polamalu. If Pittsburgh's defense returns to 2008 form (which all signs point to), how does The Hair not get the nod for DPOY? He impacts games like no other defensive player in the league.

Tennessee 16, Pittsburgh 13 (+5.5)

Miami @ Minnesota

Miami has gotten hype for the past few seasons and I really don't see it. Mediocre running backs, mediocre quarterback, slightly above mediocre O line, below mediocre receiving corps. Nothing on defense excites me either. You know what is exciting though? Football for Brett Favre. "He's just having fun out there."

Minnesota 24 (-5.5), Miami 16

Tampa Bay @ Carolina

DeAngelo Williams' last two games vs. Tampa: 152 yards, 2 TDs; 186 yards, 2 TDs

Jonathan Stewart's last three games vs. Tampa: 120 yards, 1 TD; 110 yards, 1 TD; 115 yards, 2 TDs

Translation for Carolina's offensive coordinator (who last week looked clueless)-- run the ball. A lot.

Carolina 30 (-2.5), Tampa Bay 17

Seattle @ Denver

I'm not getting too excited about Seattle. They did the same thing to the Rams last year, which sparked the "Seattle for NFC West champs" campaign, that obviously did not have any validity. Pete Carroll is a master motivator and with it being the first game of the season, the first game under a new coach, and a home game-- last week will prove to be a total fluke. The Broncos will welcome Seattle back to reality in an ugly game.

Denver 16 (-3.5), Seattle 12

St. Louis @ Oakland

Sam Bradford looks like the real deal. He didn't have a great game (barely had a good game) in week one, but for a rookie in his first game ever he looked pretty dang good. Considering he might have the worst receiving corps in the league, it just makes what he did in week one more impressive. You've mad me a fan, Sam. 

St. Louis 14 (+4.5), Oakland 13 (Upset of the Week)

New England @ New York Jets

The Jets have become one of my least favorite teams in football with all of their trash talking (after a 9-7 year when they only made the playoffs because Indianapolis rested their starters against them in the second half), but they have had one of the toughest two games to start the year off. New England and Baltimore could very well end up as the two best teams in the AFC when this year is all over. Don't freak out too much Jets fans, you still have yourselves a good team (Do worry about Mark Sanchez though. Only one college season, and he wasn't THAT impressive. Just sayin')

New England 20 (+1.5), New York 16 (Game of the Week)

Jacksonville @ San Diego

San Diego fans need not to worry about last week. Kansas City had everything going in their favor-- the raucous home crowd, the weather, and crazy big plays. San Diego gets to go back to sunny southern California to take on a mediocre team now, which should be the perfect medicine to cure the Chargers fans stomach butterflies.

San Diego 27, Jacksonville 20 (+7.5)

Houston @ Washington

Houston, don't try to pull this trick on me again. I'm not buying the Texans as a playoff team after one performance where everything (and by everything, I mean Arian Foster) went their way. It's the classic Texans Tease. If they can beat Washington convincingly, then I will be convinced, but not until then.

Washington 20 (+2.5), Houston 17

New York Giants @ Indianapolis

Should it be an even bigger deal that two brothers were both number one overall NFL draft picks and won back-to-back Super Bowl MVPs. It really is insane. Good genes go a long way.

Indianapolis 27 (-5.5), New York 21

New Orleans @ San Francisco

I really hope last week's Niners team was not the 2010 Niners team. Is Alex Smith really that bad? Is Mike Singletary just not that good of a coach? I guess we'll find out on Monday Night Football (presented by Applebee's, all rights to ESPN)

New Orleans 28 (-4.5), San Francisco 23

Game of the Week: New England @ New York Jets 

Upset of the Week: St. Louis over Oakland

Lock of the Week: Green Bay over Buffalo (I might go Carolina over Tampa in suicide/elimination pools though. Risky, but might be your only chance to use Carolina.)


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