The Biggest Fan Bases in College Football

Daniel AwesomeCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2010

SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 11:  Fans of the Washington Huskies watch their team take the field prior to the game against the Syracuse Orange on September 11, 2010 at Husky Stadium in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Which college football program has the most fans? This is a highly debated subject and some would say that it is Texas, Notre Dame, Alabama, etc. etc. The debate goes on forever. Here is what I think on the issue. Attached to this article is a poll, so vote for your favorite team to see which college football team has the most fans. An experiment of sorts. Here are my predictions for biggest fan bases for division I:

1. Texas

2. Alabama

3. Ohio State

4. Notre Dame

5. Florida

6. Michigan

7. USC

8. Oklahoma

9. LSU

10. Tennessee

11. Nebraska

12. Oregon

13. Auburn

14. Georgia

15. Clemson


Of course these are just my predictions. Many people have tried to list the largest fan bases by opinions, revenue, and TV ratings. But I wanted to create a more accurate test. Taking a large sports community not centered on one team and polling the members on their favorite team would be a lot better.

So I decided to make a poll. So I know that this isn't your normal article, but bear with me. Post your comments below. And I'll have a "real" article coming out pretty soon.

I would love to get 10,000 or more votes to make this a pretty accurate poll.

Bleacher Report will only let me post a few poll options. I tried to put all 120 and then all the BCS teams, but it wouldn't let me. So just post your team in the comments if it isn't listed in the poll and I'll tally them up.