College Football: BCS, Boise State Over Rated, Chris Rainey Out Of Line

James MoseleyCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2010

LANDOVER, MD - SEPTEMBER 06:  Quarterback Kellen Moore #11 of the Boise State Broncos prepares to pass against the Virginia Tech Hokies at FedExField on September 6, 2010 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
Geoff Burke/Getty Images

All pre-season, and through the first few weeks of the college football season, we have all heard way too much about Boise State.

We have heard that IF they beat Virginia Tech they are legit.

Well they beat Virginia Tech...but so did James Madison. Tell me Kirk Herbstreit, is James Madison now a legit National Championship contender too ?

Here's what we can take away from Boise State's win over Virginia Tech...Virginia Tech was over rated. Aside from that, Boise depended on a last minute touchdown drive to beat, said over rated VaTech team.

ESPN's Skip Bayless said that if Boise State wins that game that they have to put them in the National Championship game.

I know Skip Bayless has been at this since I was in diapers, but I beg to differ.

Boise State wins big games with a month or more to prepare. Take their win over Oklahoma, how long did they have to prepare ?  Over a month. The win over VaTech ? Over a month.

The point is that, while Boise State has a few guys that can make big plays, they do no have the same depth as teams from the SEC, the Big 10 (12) or the Big 12 (10).

If you put Boise State in any of these conferences, they would not win the conference title, they would not win 10 games.

My point is this, if you give any team a month or more to prepare, they can beat anybody.

Let's say that we put Boise State in the SEC. They can schedule up to four non-conference opponents and then the SEC hands them the conference schedule that looks like this:

at Alabama


at South Carolina

at Arkansas


at Florida


at Auburn

How do you think they would fair ? Do you think they would pull off 10 wins ? I don't. Would they beat a few teams ? Absolutely. The SEC is notorious for beating each other up. But while they would win a few close games I do believe that there would be a few ugly games in favor of the competition.

But when it comes to explaining this to Boise State fans, you might as well be giving a speech at the Directional School for the Deaf. They don't want to hear that. They do not believe that. They can not accept that maybe, just maybe the school that they love, and cheer for every Saturday, might be out matched in a big boy conference.

But the problem with this isn't Boise State University. It's the BCS. It's always been the BCS.

This system is a badly flawed joke. Sure it can pick two undefeated programs and a few one loss programs at the end of the year to supply the National Championship game with food.

But look at the years that there were more than two undefeated schools.

A prime example is 2004. Which we all know now was a bigger mistake than anyone could know thanks to Reggie Bush. However, USC played Oklahoma in the BCS National Championship game while an undefeated Auburn team got left out in the cold. USC went on to throttle Oklahoma.

USC very well may have throttled Auburn, but we will never know thanks to a bogus system.

When I hear the words over-rated, those are two things that come to mind.

As for out of line, one individual comes to mind in the present, Chris Rainey.

Chris Rainey was arrested earlier this week on felony charges of stalking after he and a young woman whom he was dating  had a verbal altercation, which led him to send a text message that stated "Time to die".

That's bad enough, but Mr. Rainey went further. After the young woman received said text message, she then called the local police. Upon arrival, the responding officer requested the young woman to call Rainey so that he could speak with him. Sometime during this exchange Chris Rainey sent another text.

"Wait and see what happens when they leave".

Are you kidding me ? How can anyone think that this kind of behavior is ok ?

Furthermore, why would a kid as talented as Chris Rainey, go and pull a boneheaded stunt like this ?

You had a bright future playing football on Sunday's and you do this ?

If I had one wish, it would be that Chris Rainey never gets an opportunity to further his football career.

You might say, well everyone deserves a second chance. Usually I would agree, however what if he does get a second chance ? What if he gets into another relationship and next time he takes it further than a text or threat ?

If he is making millions of dollars a year, he will be surrounded with women.

If he makes minimum wage at the grocery store, I doubt that he will.

These are just a few things I find wrong with the world. I hope you have enjoyed reading my take on them.


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