Why Da Bears Will Dominate The Dallas Yellow Flags..I Mean Cowboys.

Kyle Bunton@@OfficialKBuntonContributor ISeptember 17, 2010

Why Da Bears Will Dominate The Dallas Yellow Flags..I Mean Cowboys.

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    The Chicago Bears are 1-0 after a close victory over the Detroit Lions over a strict rule overturn of an apparent touchdown for Calvin Johnson Jr. Throughout the whole game, the Bears dominated the Lions in every category, except for the 4 turnovers the Bears had. The score could've been easily 35-14 when the game was over. It wasn't, so people are saying the Lions should've won, the Bears shouldn't be too proud, they only beat the Lions.


    The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Washington Redskins and that took some of the Bears game controversy out of the spotlight. The Cowboys didn't just get beat just by the score, they got beat physcially and emotionally. For a team that was so hyped to get to the Super Bowl, they came out looking worse than the Lions. Tony Romo looked outta sync with everyone, the offensive line was awful but will be getting some help with Marc Columbo coming back even though he isn't 100%. The defense looked suspect at times, but was still dominant throughout the game.

    In the next couple slides, I will say why the Chicago Bears will dominate the Dallas Cowboys.


Bears Defense

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    Against the Lions, the Chicago Bears defense looked to play with a chip  on their shoulders and came out with a fiery attitude for most the game. The secondary is still a little bit suspect, but the new and improved defensive line is getting to the quarterback and is give the linebackers an easier job in the secondary. Julius Peppers looked dominant alongside Tommie Harris. Lance Briggs made an amazing athletic play for a fumble and recovery. Charles Tillman and Zack Bowman looked to be having an easier job covering wide receivers because of the pressure the linebackers and defensive line was getting.

    If the Cowboys haven't fixed their offensive line problems yet, the Bears will have a big game defensively against them.

Jay Cutler

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    Jay Cutler played one of his better games since he joined the Bear last off season. He fumbled once and threw and interception that was tipped twice before landing in the hands of a Lions defender. The tipped ball wasn't his fault, and the fumble can be looked at as either him holding the ball too long or a poor job of blocking by the offensive line. His stats were padded with an 89-TD screen pass to Matt Forte, but none the less, Cutler threw the ball well against a defense that was hungry to get to him.

    The Cowboys secondary looked suspect at times against the Redskins, so with the playmaking ability of the Bears wide receivers could turn a 10 yard pass into a 50 yard TD.

    Look for Cutler to have about the same game he had against Detroit, maybe even a little bit better.

Robbie Gould

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    If the game is close Robbie Gould has shown to show up in clutch situations, while the Cowboys are trusting a kicker who just last year was a kickoff specialist. I think if the game is close we all know who we would rather trust, "Mr. Good as Gold" Robbie Gould. Nothing else needs to be said.

My Prediction

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    I believe the Bears will win 21-18 in a battle of defense for the first half, then the offenses will open up for both teams, and I trust Robbie Gould to come through in the clutch like so many times before.