Is This How Men Really Feel About the Inés Sainz-NY Jets Saga?

Ronald MonestimeCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2010

How far have we really come when it comes to discrimination based on sex?
How far have we really come when it comes to discrimination based on sex?

"You know man, I think you put women reporters in the locker room in positions to see guys walking around naked, and you sit in the locker room with 53 guys, and all of the sudden you see a nice woman in the locker room, I think men are gonna tend to turn and look and want to say something to that woman. For the woman, I think they make it so much that you can't interact and you can't be involved with athletes, you can't talk to these guys, you can't interact with these guys.

And I mean, you put a woman and you give her a choice of 53 athletes, somebody got to be appealing to her. You know, somebody got to spark her interest, or she's gonna want somebody. I don't know what kind of woman won't, if you get to go and look at 53 men's packages. And you're just sitting here, saying 'Oh, none of this is attractive to me.' I know you're doing a job, but at the same time, the same way I'm gonna cut my eye if I see somebody worth talking to, I'm sure they do the same thing."

- Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis

“All I can do is LOL at the jets Female Reporter! She walks into a locker room full of men and think someone not gonna say nothing LMFAO!!!”

“I don’t know what was said to her or whatever but u just have to know u going into a TEAM LOCKEROOM, and if its that serious WOMEN STAY OUT!”

- Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett via Twitter

"If you come into the NFL dressed the way that she is dressed you are just asking for it. I think she brings it upon herself. I don't know how you let her on a practice field (looking like that)."

"Listen, these are painted on jeans. She's got a shirt that is just glued to her body. If you want her to walk up there and do an interview with Mark Sanchez, put her in a room with Mark Sanchez. Don't take her through the locker room."

- FOX NFL analyst Brian Baldinger

Surprisingly, Brian Baldinger, Clinton Portis and Darnell Dockett represent a small sampling of men all across the country that firmly hold the opinion Mexican television reporter Inés Sainz got exactly what she deserved when she attended a New York Jets practice and, subsequently, entered the team locker room to conduct an interview with quarterback Mark Sanchez.

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