Philadelphia Eagles Need Kevin Kolb Back On The Field Quickly

Bennett SnyderContributor ISeptember 16, 2010

Kevin Kolb on the sidelines, hopefully for not too much longer
Kevin Kolb on the sidelines, hopefully for not too much longerJeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

This headline might be a little misleading because I do think that Vick is definitely the better quarterback right now. However, he is 30 years old and is clearly, not the QB of the future. The Eagles need to know now and as soon as possible if Kolb is the answer to their new QB problem.

Why do they need him back quickly? Well they don't need him to get the victory, Vick can take care of that, but they need Kolb to feast on the Eagles relatively weak upcoming schedule. All the teams that weren't willing to give up a 3rd round pick or so up for Vick now look foolish (Looking at you, Carolina). If Kolb can't beat up on weak defenses like the Lions or Jaguars then the Eagles have bigger problems than imagined. There already is a sense of controversy brewing here in Philadelphia, because it seems after the display that happened in week 1, the fans want Vick to start, and deservedly so. The worst thing for Kolb and the organization is for the fans to turn on Kolb. There have been too many talented QB's in the NFL that didn't make it because either the offensive line let him get hit too much or the fans turned on him.

Now, the organization is stubborn and will stick with Kolb the whole year, but if the fans start booing every time he throws an interception or make a bad pass, it will mentally break him down, where he can't be effective here anymore. Also, the fans and organization want to know what this kid has, because talent is only one part of the equation. If he doesn't have "IT" like other great quarterbacks have, then knowing sooner rather than later would be great to find out, as the QB draft class coming these next two years are supposed to be excellent.  The city and the organization want to find out what Kolb really has, because it is tough to replace somebody as good as McNabb was for Philly. The only way to prove this, is for him to get out there on Sundays.