John Cena, The Anti-Hero of WWE? HHH Is a Tool?

Iqbal SirajContributor IISeptember 16, 2010

OK, I will be the first to admit, I ain't the biggest Cena fan. But I also am not the biggest Goldberg fan, and criticise both. People also admit to being a Batista fan. These three have a lot in common, as in getting fed to us week in week out in main events and PPVs for the title. But I shall tell you why Cena is THE biggest entertainer (not wrestler because I believe the best wrestler still performing now is Kurt Angle) of the past decade.

Firstly, people have always said, oh Goldberg was great, Batista was great, they are much better than Cena. Well I would like to add, when have you seen Goldberg go past a 10 minute match (the best match he has had in his career was against DDP for the title which went for 12 minutes and his match against Brock in Japan was amazing). Batista has never wrestled good in his entire life, he is like a bulkier smaller version of The Great Khali (Great Khali is like the tall version of today's Hogan). Oh Cena has never laid down for anyone etc. HHH sleeps with the boss's daughter so he got it easy. Well now we shall discuss these issues.

Now we come to Cena. Yes he has less moves than a Pokemon. I mean he would do two leaping shoulder blocks, the throwback, five knuckle shuffle then the attitude adjustment. But why don't people remember when he had that amazing match against HBK (yes HBK like Jericho can carry anyone to a good match) at Wrestlemania and they both carried each other. A week later we have an even more amazing match on Monday Night RAW in London that lasted just over 50 minutes. 

The slightly bigger negativity towards him, he along with HHH never lay down for anyone. Well we start off with HHH, he started off in a stupid gimmick, then came the infamous MSG Kliq reunion, which HE alone got the stick for it. He took the blame, (even though he would have won the King of the Ring that year) he went back into the pecking order without question and got to the top before he even went out with Stephanie (though she might have helped a bit towards the end). He went through the phase of "No one has pinned me or can make me tap out". But he laid down for a lot of wrestlers, had the most amazing triple threat at Wrestlemania XX with Benoit and HBK, and let Benoit make him tap out, who he genuinely loved like a brother back in the days. He brought up the Radicals (Benoit, Guerrero, Saturn), he brought up Evolution (Flair's a dick anyways) and made Botchista and Orton into stars. He now even put over Sheamus as a credible opponent. So stop complaining about the guy, he is amazing on the mic, he may put down a few people but he is funny and entertaining unlike Cena who sounds a bit too melodramatic.

Now Cena, rumours are circulating he stepped on people and he became Vince's bitch to get to the top. If that's true, hey it worked for him. But you cannot underestimate the guy's determination, hard work and passion he has for the business. His bloody matches with JBL were great, and he also laid down for more wrestlers than Hogan has done ever. Hogan's only respect came when he laid down for another wrestler who doesn't like laying down for anyone, Goldberg. Also Bret Hart used to do the same back in the early 90's. Cena used to endorse people in the press, he still does, and he has done more for new talent than anyone has. The whole Nexus have become big because of him, and that is seven wrestlers just there itself. He has no control in the creative department unlike Bret Hart and Hogan used to have, and he himself says he wouldn't mind laying down for anyone. 

So in conclusion, today's wrestlers have gone far from all these bullsh*t politics that used to ruin our viewing, and nowadays it's all up to the writer's themselves to give us the best possible TV. Cena is being fed to us because of the writers and Vince, not he himself telling them to. HHH himself wants to support the younger generation. Batista left like a crybaby because he didn't wanna lay down for anyone, Goldberg couldn't take it his character actually lost matches. 

So Don't hate the player, hate the boss who uses the players as puppets.