MVP Bashes NXT On Twitter, ROH Owner Cary Silken Talks Shop, and More!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IJune 26, 2016

While I am not a big fan of NXT, there are some that have enjoyed what it has brought to the table. Recently MVP was quoted as saying a few not so nice things about the show. To be honest I’m not too sure of this isn’t a clever work.

I would find it hard to believe that MVP would openly bash a WWE product and risk his job. If by chance his comments were not a work, then he just may be in some hot water. Vince doesn’t take it too kindly when his employees talk bad about him or his ventures.

Here is what MVP had to say about NXT.

"NXT is awful," MVP POSTED on Twitter. "I'll be glad when it ALL over!"

 One fan suggested that one of the Divas could be the next Lita, and MVP responded by saying "What an incredible INSULT to Lita!"

 "Lita is an ALL TIME great! These chicks? Lita? Not in this lifetime!"

To see MVP’s comments on Twitter click here


 Cary Silken Talks shop

Recently Cary Silken did an interview that covered a variety of subjects. He talks about things from Tyler Black to ROH’s TV numbers. If you’re a ROH fan this read is well worth your time. You almost get the feeling that he has given up when it comes to losing his major talent.

Here is what he had to say.

On Tyler Black leaving ROH

"You almost get used to it, You're never happy about it, but it's the nature of the business. People come and go and new stars are born. It's just part of the whole process."

"See him leave gives me very mixed emotions. I'm really sad to lose his talent. Yet on the other side, I'm wishing him the best and hoping he becomes a big star."

 On the return of Homicide

He calls his return "a gift from the gods"    

"It could happen where there are too many guys available," said Silkin, who has owned ROH since 2004. "There's no lifetime guarantee in any of these companies. Guys grow out of favor or they want to move on and so forth."


On ROH’s TV numbers

 "Our numbers are not going to knock anyone over, but we're building," Silkin said. "These shows are not very expensive for us to produce. It's a good opportunity for fans to see a live Ring of Honor show, too."

 "We've basically hit the wall," Silkin says. "There are a certain amount of fans who look at wrestling-related websites. The rest of the world watches WWE, probably not even TNA, and once in a while goes to a show. They don't really care about other wrestling and are not even aware of it. We're trying to reach those people.

"As HD-NET grows, we hope to have that opportunity. I've always said that anyone who likes wrestling a little bit and sees Ring of Honor is going to love it. Now we have to get the word out."

To read the whole interview click here


JR’s take on the ban of Somas

JR didn’t take too long to comment on the recent ban from Somas in the WWE. He posted on his blog his feelings to that and other drug use in the company. He said what you would most likely expect him to say regarding the ban.


JR on banning Somas

"Prescription pill abuse is a huge enemy of all wrestlers who abuse them. Pain medicine, Somas, Ambien, and Xanax are an evil mixture especially when mixed with alcohol and taken in excess."


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