Update On Matt Hardy's WWE Career, Over Or Just Now Starting?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 16, 2010

If you read wrestling websites at all, you would have seen that quite a few of them reported that Matt Hardy was sent home from the WWE's European tour over the weekend. He was supposed to go home Monday but reports surfaced that he had been sent home days before.

So, Matt Hardy being the ever clever social media man that he is, decided to prove the reports wrong by posting a video online from his hotel room proving he was still in England. And, from what I gather looking at the video, he was still there.

He went on to tell his fans that he is fine, that his WWE career is ok as is he.

In this video he also addressed that he is getting back into the thick of things. The man who will not die has found out how to get back where he needs to be to become a top talent once again. Lets not forget, a few years ago, he was the top man in ECW, carrying the ECW Title for months.

He also held the US Title for a little while before that and then had a nice rivalry with his brother. Then, the bottom came out and he got hurt. It was sad to see the man constantly getting injured, especially when he looked to be getting the push he had deserved for some time,

But, Matt is getting back to that mold that made him a star.

Word was that he was in hot water with the WWE, that his job may be gone. I can tell you that this is easily the biggest BS out on the Internet today.

Matt is so over with fans, the WWE would never fire him unless he did something horrible or he went down the road his brother did.

And if you look at Jeff, he is a former 3 time World Champion with the WWE. So, with that said, can you really believe Matt's job would be on the line? I know I can't.

He could get to 300lbs, and the WWE would keep him because of his large fan base.

But, Matt is actually losing weight, not gaining.

If you remember, he had an abdominal issue, one of which I could see as potentially career ending. He claims his intestines kind of exploded on him. I believe this injury happened during a match for the US Title back in 2009.

I am very knowledgeable about this, since I went through something almost exactly the same as Hardy.

I was 180lb at the age of 15 when my abdominal injury happened, I felt like I was going to die, such pain that you could really get shot and feel the same amount of pain from that as I did in my abdominal area.

I was very sick, saw doctors more than any guy should, and lost a ton of weight. I went from 180 to 116. The thing was that my gallbladder was the issue, but made my intestines work too hard and made them kind of get banged up and injured.

I got the gallbladder removed, then took medication that I still take today. My intestines are still healing from it. But my intestinal issue wasn't as bad as Hardy's, yet that is my story. I am a healthy person now and back at the weight I need to be for my height.

The one thing that was killing Hardy was not working out and not eating what was good for him. He couldn't really work out because of his intestines adding serious pain in his abdominal area. It's like breaking a rib and being expected to pick up 200lb It's not easy and hurts.

Hardy is now working out some and has decided to do the same thing I do, no longer eat red meat. Red meat is harder to digest, which means his intestines work overtime to get it through. Which adds a ton and I mean a ton of abdominal pain. And it's something you can't just kill off with a pain reliever either. So, things like hamburgers, steaks, etc. would not be digested by Hardy if he decided to stay away from red meat.

Since he has decided to stay away from red meat, he has lost 21lb. Which is a huge thing for him. He's at a good weight now, around 225. But, he either needs to get around 215 or work out more to get more of a muscular figure at 225lb rather than just a fat look he has now. I'm not being mean Matt, just stating facts.

Fans of Hardy's care less about his figure, they just want to see him on TV. But the WWE cares a ton about his weight, which is why he is mid-carding and losing to guys he was beating last year.

In any case, if Hardy does get his figure where it was before his abdominal injury took place, he will be a main eventer. He's so over with fans, he'd have to be.

But what do you think?