Does Wade Barrett Deserve A WWE Title Shot? Has He Earned It?

dhgf dfContributor ISeptember 16, 2010

In my opinion, Wade Barrett hasn't done enough to have earned a shot at the WWE title. Many will cite the fact that he is the winner of NXT season one as the reason for why he deserves the title shot. Due in part to WWE promising a title shot to the winner. But does that title have to be one of the main ones? Why couldn't it have been the US or Intercontinental Championships, then it would be a little more believable.

NXT which involves such contests as Keg Carrying competitions is good for a laugh on Tuesday nights, but is it really that important of a show that the winner automatically gets a main event push? Especially when there are more deserving superstars that are already on Raw and Smackdown that not only have they been arount longer, but have far more impressive in-ring abilities than winner of NXT season 1, Wade Barrett.

Take John Morrison for example, who is one of the best in-ring competitors the WWE has wrestling in their rings. The guy always puts on a great show, and I am always anxious to see what kind of moves he is going to pull out of his impressive arsenal of in-ring moves. Just take a look at his "Falls Count Anywhere" match on the September 13 episode of Raw against Sheamus. It was the most exciting match I've seen since Shawn Micheals legendary final match from Wrestlemania XXVI. But Morrison is sadly being overlooked so they can build up a man who cut a rousing promo on WIND!!

Yes I'll admit, Wade Barrett is really good on the microphone. But there are guys that have started on the bottom of the ladder, and still haven't gotten a real push yet. Take the Miz for instance, the guy started on the very bottom. While many question his in-ring abilities, the Miz has worked his way up and earned everything he is getting. But what has Wade Barrett done?

All we have seen from Wade Barrett since he debuted on Raw after NXT ended is him leading a group of mediocre superstars who can't act as a solo unit. Especially when Nexus includes future mid-carder for life David Otunga who has the in-ring skills of Howard Finkle. The worse part is the fact that after a couple of months of random attacks on people from John Cena to Bret Hart, for some reason they got the main event at Summerslam.

WWE has been overlooking potentially epic feuds to build up Wade Barrett and the Nexus, such as the feud between Sheamus and Randy Orton. The feud could have been the best feud of the year, but it was ignored so they could build up the Mediocre League.

Wade Barrett is also a boring in-ring competitor. He brings little in the way of move-sets to fight his opponents with. Take his match against Jericho from the night after Summerslam. Jericho essentially carried Barrett through the match, jobbing to him at the end to make Barrett seem like a powerhouse. Randy Orton has carried him through a match as well. The Raw season finale had Barrett vs. Orton with the winner facing Cena on the season premiere. Orton gave a great performance as always, but it was a little disappointing how much he had to carry the "dominating leader of the Nexus."

Does Wade Barrett really deserve to get a WWE title shot when he is having to be carried by far more talented wrestlers? 9 times out of 10, we only see Wade Barrett and the Nexus ganging up on people and beating them down to the mat. But as a solo competitor? I don't think Wade Barrett can hold his own in the main event.

Let's look at NIght Of Champions. When the 6-pack challenge was first announced, it was after Wade Barrett challenged Sheamus to a title match, using his NXT contract. WWE, even though they didn't express it in words, does not believe that Wade Barrett deserves or is good enough for the title. Just look at the facts, it doesn't make sense that they threw Cena, Edge, Jericho, and Orton into the mix.

When the GM lifted the ban on Nexus getting title shots, Wade Barrett challenged Sheamus. So it looked as if we were going to get a singles match between the two for the WWE title. Suddenly the Raw GM throws four other guys into the mix. This to me is WWE acknowledging that not only does Wade Barrett not deserve to be there, but isn't good enough to hold the title either. Why else would they just randomly throw the other guys in there? There is no real reasoning for a 6-pack challenge.

Look at the guys in the 6-pack challenge. Barrett's the only one who hasn't earned a real push. I'll admit, Sheamus moved up the ladder very fast. But look at his matches, the guy is as good as Triple H. Watch his match with The Game at Wrestlemania, he took Triple H to the limit and barely lost the match. He deserves to be there, he is impressive and powerful. Barrett fights people like it's his job, and even though it really is his job, he doesn't have to act like he doesn't like being there during a match. The other four guys started at the bottom, and worked there way up. Say what you will about Cena, but the guy worked his way up from a random guy that challenged Kurt Angle, to US Champion, then finally working his way up to WWE champion.

When you look at the facts, Wade Barrett has done nothing to earn the push he is getting. Especially at the entire locker-room full of guys who would kill to get what Wade Barrett has been handed. Look at William Regal and Goldust. They have more talent than Wade Barrett could ever dream of having, yet they are jus there for comedy relief and to be jobbed to the likes of Santino Marella.

If at Night of Champions Barrett leaves as WWE champion, and he does it without the help of Nexus or with a mediocre display of wrestling, then my opinion might be swayed. But as of right now, I don't believe that he has earned the title. Not when there are more deserving superstars who have been with the company for years and have rarely been thrown scraps, let alone a real title shot.

Leave comments on what you think about Wade Barrett, and why you think he deserves the WWE title just from winning NXT and leading Nexus.