The WWE Diva's Division Is Dying: The Who, The Whats, and The Whys

dhgf dfContributor ISeptember 16, 2010

The WWE Diva's Division Is Dying: The Who, The Whats, and The Whys

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    Once a prestigious title, the Women's title is now the joke of the show

       Once upon a time, the Diva's division of WWE was filled with Diva's who not only brought a great amount of sex appeal to draw in the male viewers, but could also stand in the ring and perform matches that were just as good as their male counterparts. Diva's such as Trish Stratus, Lita, and Victoria could contend for the title and not only put on a good show, but prove that they deserved the same amount of respect as the men.

       But today, with Trish Stratus and Lita having left the company a few years ago, there has been a void in the Diva's division. There was a good substitute in the likes of Mickie James and Melina, with a few other bright stars such as Eve and Beth Phoenix. But there is still the sheer disappointment for the Diva's division in the past few years. Many of the reasons are recent events that have proved that the once enjoyable Diva's Division is now just a sick dog that is beginning to look like it needs to be taken behind the old shed and sent the way of Old yeller.

      These are the reasons I feel the Diva's division is dying.

The Bella Twins

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    I'll admit, I love the Bella Twins. They are both incredibly gorgeous and whenever given the opportunity can actually wrestle. The problem is that we rarely see them doing anything besides playing arm candy for the Raw guest hosts. I'm pretty sure all of the matches I've seen the twins in this year has been some kind of goofy match the guest hosts have thought up. Take David Hasselhoff's "Baywatch" Match. While it was great seeing them in bikini's, I don't think you can declare it a "real" match.

    WWE has two talented Diva's that could do great if given a chance to actually contend for the titles. But frankly, if they were dropped for Diva's that actually wrestle in real matches, I probably wouldn't miss them.

Alicia Fox

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    Alicia Fox is a mediocre wrestler contending in what is considered the "Major Leagues" of wrestling. The only reason I've seen that Alicia Fox has had any kind of success is after WWE had Eve job to her at Fatal 4-Way this year. Eve, who won the Diva's Championship in a great match against Maryse, has had to job to Fox on more than one occasion. Alicia Fox is a terrible in-ring competitor that has to essentially be carried through her matches. Much like people claim the Miz is carried by better superstars.

    Alicia Fox is undeserving of being in the WWE and they have a few Diva's on Season 3 of NXT that could take her place right now if given the chance. Take AJ Lee for example, if they traded Lee with Fox, the Diva's division would have taken a step towards being a little better.


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    The "Pop-star" of the WWE. What can be said about her that hasn't already been said? Jillian is essentially worthless. Her gimmick is one of the most annoying things I've seen on the WWE, and I actually want to change the channel when she pops up on screen.

    While she isn't really that bad in the ring, I've noticed that most of the time she is used to help other Diva's look better. Even though she has been in tag-teams with other Diva's that won, it was more from the actions of her partners and less from what she actually brought to the table.

    My question is, would anyone miss her if she was gone?

Rosa Mendes

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    Rosa Mendes is signed to WWE as a Diva, yet I have barely seen her do anything but jump-rope and other workouts. I can't remember the last time she wrestled.

    Rosa Mendes brings nothing to the show, all she is there for is eye-candy for the viewers. While I think she more than succeeds at that, I don't believe that she should be in the WWE if they aren't going to use her for more than just her looks.

    They released Mickie James earlier this year, who was a great in-ring competitor, but Rosa Mendes is still here? Plus, there are talented women in Florida Championship Wrestling that would love to have Mendes' spot so they can prove to the world that they are great wrestlers.

    WWE needs to drop Mendes in favor of bringing in Diva's that are more deserving of being there.

Vickie Guerrero

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    Even though Vickie Guerrero is not actually a WWE Diva, I believe that she is one of the reasons that it has taken a downward spiral in recent years.

    For starters, instead of decent women's title matches at Wrestlemania XXVI, we get a big Diva tag match that included Vickie Guerrero, which her team won. She has been out there rubbing her "superiority in some of the other Diva's faces for long enough to make me sick of her. Earlier this year, she was always running around helping Team Laycool cheat, which isn't that bad for a heel character. But everytime I'd see her or hear "EXCUSE ME!" I was ready to change to different programs.

    Let's not forget the terrible storyline that Edge was a part of. The storyline marriage between them did nothing but make me lose respect for Edge. While it didn't make him any less deserving of his main-event status, I do believe that is screwed with his image and reputation. I was annoyed when he came out to the ring while those stories were happening.

    More recently she has been Dolph Ziggler's "girlfriend." Ziggler finally gets to be IC champion, and he has to always have her with him, it's insulting to the guy. Especially since she is always interfering in his matches in some way.

Team LayCool

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    The shirts say it all

    Many people will be surprised that these two are on my list, but let me explain.

    For starters, the constant insults to other Diva's. It was childish, immature, and more than that, it was annoying. Using names such as "Piggie James" to insult Mickie James gaining weight, was a terrible gimmick that just shows how much stock WWE puts into their Diva's. James, who was one of the last great Diva's, was constantly taunted by these two, with gimmicks such as a parody of "Old McDonald" and Layla in a fat suit. WWE let these two insult James to the point of tears. While it was just a show, James was really having weight problems due in part to a staph infection that slowed down her training.

    Let's not forget the Glamaman insults directed at Beth Phoenix, and Smelly Kelly. Has anyone besides me been angry at how WWE's writers decide to blatantly insult Diva's in such a childish fashion? To insult Beth Phoenix just because she isn't as feminine as them is childish and just down right sickening to me.

    Now for the main reason. The Women's Championship. I kind of have a feeling that McCool only has the push she has gotten because of her relationship with the Undertaker. That's just me, but look how fast she always gets the belt back after losing it. Then there is the co-women's champions bull. Layla wins the belt, then has to share it with Michelle McCool? Where is the fairness in that?

    The biggest joke of all that these two are involved with is the story where the Women's Championship is broken in half. What a joke and a slap in the face to former Women's Champions. The title use to have some value, when held by the likes of Lita and Trish Stratus, but thanks in large part to the creative staff, and Team Laycool, it is nothing more than a cheap insult to women wrestlers everywhere.

The Good Days Are Long Gone

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    Trish Stratus' legacy Has Been tainted By The Current Diva's

    The Diva's division is slowly dying. Gone are the days of Trish Stratus who not only looked good, but was a great in-ring competitor. The Diva's of five years ago were great performers, and I never felt like changing the channel when they were on.

    While there is still a chance that the Diva's division can be saved, due in large part to women like Melina, Eve, and Beth Phoenix, I still have this feeling that it is just going to get worse.

    If they could somehow get Mickie James to come back, and get more women who are as good as Trish Stratus was, then the Diva's division can be great. But as of right now, it is just a dead horse that WWE beats every single week. The Diva's division used to be something I respected, because some of the women were as good, if not better than some of the men.

    Trish Stratus even held the Hardcore Championship once, even though it was just a minute long reign, she still won it, then took being put through a table like a champ.

    I would like to see what other people think about the current state of the Diva's division, and what you believe WWE could do to save it and make it great again.