From Fenway to Rupp: The Five Greatest Sports Venues

Matt MadridCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2008

This is more of an open topic to see what other people out there like, but I wanted to list my top five stadiums/arenas that I have been to, and those I would like to visit. 

Here are the top venues I've been to:


5. Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati Reds (2003-Present)

This beauty is an on-the-water park that deserves a better team.


4. Sun Devil Stadium, Arizona State/Arizona Cardinals (1958-Present)

It's a small stadium, but a great venue. It gives fans a beautiful view of the top of Camelback Mountain.


3. PNC Park, Pittsburgh Pirates (2001-Present)

I feel it's the best park in baseball. It's on the water with a great view of a beautiful city in right field.


2. Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs (1914-Present)

It's a must-see for baseball fans.  During a day game, one can smell the history in the air and can't help but root for the Cubbies.


1. Ohio Stadium, Ohio State (1922-Present)

I just love Ohio State and everything to do with the football team.  With the atmosphere and the tradition combined, it doesn't get much better for me.


These are the venues I'd like to go to:


5. Rupp Arena, Kentucky Wildcats (1976-Present)

I have been told it's the ultimate venue for college basketball.  I would love to go there when Louisville is in town.


4. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Florida Gators (1930-Present)

This has to be the toughest place to play in college football.  The swamp would be a great trip, especially if you could see Florida State or LSU play there.


3. Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium, College World Series (1948-Present)

As a former college baseball player, just to be there for a game with the excitement and history would be crazy.


2. Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox (1912-Present)

Fenway pretty much speaks for itself. You will need some time to make a full weekend out of it.


1. Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke Blue Devils (1940-Present)

Even though I can't stand Duke, just watching a UNC game there on TV gives me the chills.  Sitting with the Cameron Crazies has to be insane.