WWE: Huge Updates On Current Creative Plans For Wrestlemania 27 In Atlanta!

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIISeptember 15, 2010

Wrestlemania XXVII in Atlanta Georgia, Sunday April 3rd 2011.
Wrestlemania XXVII in Atlanta Georgia, Sunday April 3rd 2011.

Thanks to LordsofPain.net for this update on current creative plans for Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta Georgia.

While in geography class today, and when I was supposed to be looking up information on the plate tectonic theory on the internet, I became bored. (Understandably so I think you'll agree!)

So, I decided to browse various things on the internet. After I realised that all my friends were in school and I couldn't chat with them on facebook, I decided to check out the current buzz in the internet wrestling community.

Alas, I found myself on LordsofPain.net, and my attention was immediately drawn to the news concerning Wrestlemania.

According to the site's sources, there will be several surprises occurring around Wrestlemania.

Firstly, the WWE is hoping to have the top three matches on the card finalised by November—the two championship matches(or one should they decide to unify the belts) and the match involving the Undertaker's streak.

One match being heavily discussed is Sheamus vs. The Undertaker in a World chapionhip unification match. That means that Sheamus is either in line for sa steady run as champ or he'll lose it and regain it.

WWE are open to turning Cena heel, as they realise they have nothing major going for them at this year's Mania. However, that would rule out a Cena vs. Miz match, which is also being discussed, unless Miz turns face.

Secondly, the WWE is still undecided as to whether or not they will have a Money in the Bank ladder match on the card or not. If they decide against it, it will revert to its apparent new home, the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

However, the biggest morsel of news which interested me was this titbit— the WWE is planning on having two or three names turning either Babyface or Heel in and around Wrestlemania season, including at least one major star.

Now, who could these stars be?

MVP? Christian? Orton? Cena? Hardy? Swagger? HHH? Undertaker? Morrison? Miz? Kofi? Ziggler?Jericho?(presuming he's still there!)

It could be argued that all of these men are in need of either a face or a heel turn. I, for one, can't see Undertaker or Orton turning heel, but I could see all of the others making the swap in the near future.

I'm not saying all of them will turn, I'm just saying that I could see them all making the swap.

So, what do you think about these proposed plans?

Thanks for reading this article and my last one! Until next time!

Slán agus Beannacht!