Straying Away from Boise State Because of Idle Week Plays into Broncos' Hands

Brandon MoorContributor ISeptember 15, 2010

LANDOVER, MD - SEPTEMBER 06:  Quarterback Kellen Moore #11 of the Boise State Broncos prepares to pass against the Virginia Tech Hokies at FedExField on September 6, 2010 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
Geoff Burke/Getty Images

Peculiar affairs arise when one has too much spare time on their hands.

Ask Boise State.

Dramatic fireworks lit up the D.C. darkness beyond the confines of Fed Ex Field when Broncos’ wide receiver Austin Pettis caught the eventual game-winning touchdown pass from Heisman aspirant Kellen Moore.

Chris Petersen’s WAC party crashers had arrived…again.

Sort of.

Right up until “Monster Saturday” rolled into full force last weekend.  Virginia Tech returned home for a cakewalk with Shenandoah Valley in-state adversary James Madison University.

A mid-afternoon pinnacle perplexed the college football nation viewing the final seconds tick away in Blacksburg as the Dukes permanently ended major bowl ambitions for the Hokies in a strikingly sickening manner.

Worse yet, according to many, Boise State’s come from behind win in Landover broke off the Broncos’ unimpeded kinetic energy mojoing its way heading into Week 3.  Suddenly the win over Virginia Tech lost all momentum.

Is it disastrous timing for an idle week?

You’ll have to ask anyone who will listen.  Opinions will vary. 

Chris Petersen and his players aren’t oblivious or blind the new current debate generated following the titanic upset of Virginia Tech.  They fully understand they are nearing the top of the food chain of the college football universe, and with it comes great responsibility along with a matching massive target on their backs.

The truth in the matter is the James Madison victory doesn’t alter the identity of the Boise State football team. It’s nonsensical to pawn the Hokies season ending miscues off on the No. 3 team in the country.

Idaho’s once barely visible blue shadow began dominating the WAC from year to year piling tons of points before the arrival of Chris Petersen.  Since his entrance, he has posted a 50-4 record overall while continuing to control the WAC in spite of the conference’s feeble field of teams.

Truth be told, Fresno State, Utah State, and Nevada a few of college football’s little known predators capable of mauling any team on any given week.  Don’t sleep on them.

Moreover, when the chat about conference play arises, an obligated commitment to play out the conference schedule is second to none. 

In fact, that’s all one team can do; win their conference.  Because one team lashes their inner circle foes on a steady basis doesn’t mean they have to come to any abrupt stop to say, “please beat up on us for a while, you’ve earned it.”

Nobody asks Alabama, Ohio State, Florida, Oklahoma, or Texas to demonstrate such kindness in aiding others to bask in the spotlight ahead of them.  Why ask authoritative models of reliability to stop winning?

You don’t.  They’ve earned the right to participate in the BCS every year, no question about it.

After marquee wins over premier winning schools since 2006, all the Broncos have done is win and win big.  Thrown in reconnaissance work head coach Chris Petersen puts in to prepare his team over the course of the entire season, why shouldn’t Boise State join the national championship lottery revelry until they are wrestled to the ground?

James Madison didn’t upset Boise in Week 2, the off week did.  If anything, this conversation only ignites the will to win all the more.

Boise is still No. 3 and 1-0, yet they are being condemned to the kiddie table again.

Chris Petersen is a cool customer when conversing about the mixed feelings regarding Boise fighting for a national championship bid, assuming they run the table.

Put it this way. Petersen stays concentrated on the task at hand, and that is taking care of business practice to practice leading up the weekend’s game.  Not looking ahead two weeks, let alone the next 12 weeks, in preparation to win it all.

"I don't necessarily think it's one of those situations where they're not going to try as hard," he said. "I think in some ways, they're going to try too hard, that they'll try to live up to these unrealistic expectations. That's what a lot of this is, unrealistic expectations."

What’s not to like about the way Petersen conducts himself and directs his team?

We may not like to admit the success of the Alabamas, Texases, Floridas, Oklahomas, or Ohio States, but they are that good.  So are the Boise State Broncos, and they are not going anywhere.

Common sense suggests moving up in the polls consists of the above leaders to fall due to losing an actual game, especially in the case of the top three in the nation.  Neither has lost, so those on the picket line campaigning for Boise State to overthrow Alabama while hurdling Ohio State in the process can forget it.

Also forget about Boise State’s questionable justification as the No. 3 ranked team in college football.  Not a lot of people questioned it earlier, so why now?

Heading into this weekend’s game at Wyoming, the Broncos have had to listen to the teeter-totter talks for two weeks.  Now it’s time to take the hungry sensation and bite for the jugular from kick off until the end of the third quarter.  Style points do matter from here on out.

Boise State is more of a force to reckon with from this point forward.  Although they aren’t impenetrable, the Broncos know just what it is they have to do and they also know what kind of chaos they are capable of stirring up.  


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