Eagles Have a Bad Game In Week One What Else Is New

Casey KrouseContributor ISeptember 14, 2010

Quarterback Aaron Rogers dominates the Eagles on offense
Quarterback Aaron Rogers dominates the Eagles on offenseMike Ehrmann/Getty Images

For those Eagles fans out there who watched their first game I know you want to support them but that game was awful. Yeah sure they lost by only seven but really it should have been worse than that. I couldn't even watch the game after a while. Now I like to get under peoples skin about hating Philly teams while living in philadelphia myself, but you have to admit that game was bad.

Now I know a lot of starters got injured, but do you really think that would have changed he complexion of the game? First of all that offensive line couldn't block anyone if their lives depended on it. And secondly Mike Vick needs to be in there instead of Kevin Kolb. Now for those of you who know my brother and saw his latest article (which you should really check out) he was defending Kolb and it's not that I don't like him it's just Mike Vick has more experience since he's played a couple seasons at Quarterback while Kolb has only played a couple of games.

Now I will say this the Eagles defense was on top of their game in the first half, but it's a game with two halves and by the end of the first beginning of the second quarter the Packers were moving up and down the field on them. When you're trying to win a game you don't need or want to have the pressure of needing to score every time they get the ball to keep it close because the other teams in the end zone two out of every three drives.

But actually I'm getting kind of use to this the Eagles really haven't had a winning season in six years when they were in the super bowl with the Patriots. So it's kind of becoming oh the Birds are on lets hope that they win this time.