SuperCena Is Gone?! Is It Time For SuperOrton?!!!!

Atobe KeigoContributor IISeptember 14, 2010

If there are any people who don't like what they think I'm about to write just know that Randy Orton is one of my favorite wrestlers and secondly please read then judge.


So I got the idea to right this article after I watch the US Open Final when Nadal got a Career Grand Slam at the young age of..... you guessed it 24. Now I'm sure that many of you know what the number 24 means in the WWE, for who don't know it is the age when Randy Orton became the youngest World Champion.

After that time he was somewhat in the shadow of the "Poster boy of The WWE" John Cena. But since his tweener (not face) turn after Wrestlemania 26  he has gotten a push what I would like to call "The Push Le Cena." This push is when you are shown dominant sometimes too dominant.

Some mega Ortonites might say that "What on gods name are you talking about? He has lost almost very PPV match he has been in 2010." My answer to that would be that the only win that was won cleanly against Orton since Wrestlemania 26 was when he lost to Jack Swagger and after that match he delivered a massive RKO to Swagger.

May people might hate to admit it (even I did at one point) but Orton is on the roll of his career thanks to "The Push Le Cena." But the only bad thing about it is when you are shown constantly too dominant the fans and the IWC will soon start to turn on you because of the predictability of your matches just as the original man who got the push, John Cena.

After this Raw Randy Orton put even Cena through a table, which tells alot about WWE's direction with Orton. This all just my speculation but another way we could look at is if what would happen if Randy Savage had gotten out of the shadow of Hulkamania. This could be Orton's shot at either finally getting out of Cena's shadow and becoming the face of the company or join Cena as a person loved by kids yet hated by adults and the IWC.

What I would do if I was the one giving Orton the push it would be that I would give him enough light to become a star but I wouldn't make him SuperCena's possible brother SuperOrton. People started hating Cena after his sheer dominance of Raw in his 13 Month Title Reign. To some this could be the sign of the new and revamped Age Of Orton or it could be Cena 2.0. 


So what do you all think and know all comments are welcome.