A Harder Knock on Unoriginality

Patrick StraubContributor IIISeptember 14, 2010

"Stop using 'Hard Knocks' to describe our football team"
"Stop using 'Hard Knocks' to describe our football team"Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

It seems I can't read a single article, nor listen to a single radio or television report having anything to do with the New York Jets, wherein the reporter fails to slip in the phrase "hard knocks" in some manner.  Please consider this is an outright plea for everyone to stop using it.  It's not original.  At this point it's downright stale.  Whatever you're saying about Jets and the "hard knocks" they're giving or receiving, I promise you it's already been said.  Last night, during the Jets' season opening Monday Night loss to the Ravens, former coach Jon Gruden did it twice while commentating.  I've skimmed over too many sports websites today that lead with the heading, "Jets suffer Hard Knocks" or something of the sort.  How is it that these writers continually come to the conclusion that they've stumbled up on a pun that hasn't been used yet?  Unless they haven't read anything to do with the sport or team that they're covering in the last four weeks, it's not possible that they haven't seen this phrase used countless times.  Perhaps they just don't care, which is equally as offensive.  A quick google search will net you a list of articles submitted after last nights game, featuring 'Hard Knocks' as part of the title.  I wonder if these people had two separate headlines ready for whichever way the game went?  Either "Jets Suffer 'Hard Knocks' against the Ravens" or "Jets show Ravens some 'Hard Knocks'."  Imagine the time and effort spent by all the dedicated writers trying to find just the right phrasing so that the title of the HBO show featuring the Jets this past preseason could be used in their heading?  Yea, I don't care either.

The point is simply that I'm perplexed that all these people would continually incorporate this phrase into some part of their article, and usually the heading.  I understand and accept that during the show's initial first couple of weeks it would happen, but we are now into the season and the show is over, thus the Jets' installment of "Hard Knocks" should be an afterthought.  Instead, I fear we'll be subjected to reminders of this season's show throughout the football calendar by journalists who feel they've suddenly stumbled upon the pun of puns as they're scrambling to meet a deadline.  

I cannot stop all these people, but I can hope what I've written here might make its way to a few pair's of eyes so that they may otherwise be discouraged from doing something trite.  Sometimes it's tough knowing there's only so much you can do to prevent something from happening, but like Jay-Z says, "It's a hard life," or something like that.