Week One: With Brady The Best, Who Is The Worst Quarterback Of The AFC East?

TheNFL SpeculatorContributor ISeptember 14, 2010

Mark Sanchez being brought down by Haloti Ngata
Mark Sanchez being brought down by Haloti NgataJim McIsaac/Getty Images

After clobbering the Bengals and throwing like the consummate pro everyone knows he is, to Moss, Welker, and others, we all know that Tom Brady is the best QB of the AFC East.

But, who is the worst?

I bring this up to stir debate, because I am not convinced that any of the remaining starters couldn't indeed be that worst QB in this division, on a week by week basis.

One can use stats, but stats don't tell the whole story. One can use the caliber of opponent, but again, that won't tell the whole story.

So, I will make a case for any of the three remaining signal callers for being the worst in the division.

Chad Henne: QB ranking of 18, rating of 75.9, completing 61.8 percent of passes and a 5.4 yard average, in a win for Miami over Buffalo in Ralph Wilson Stadium. On the face of it, Henne's job was just a tad below pedestrian if you consider that the opponent was the lowly Bills who had several key players missing for the game on defense (yet also consider that the Bills had the number 2 secondary last year). Further, Henne's 40-yarder to Marshall, which Henne should have not under-thrown and Marshall--who only makes about 10 mil a year, should have caught anyway, would have helped his stats had it been complete. Still, the guy had a check down quality that one would think he'd be able to move on from in his second year.

Fortunately for Henne, Trent Edwards and Mark Sanchez didn't perform any better.

Trent Edwards: QB ranking of 20, rating of 73.0, completing 52.9 percent of passes and a 4.1 average, in a loss to Miami at home. These numbers, just a tad worse than Henne's (and amazingly, the QB between the two in ranking was Aaron Rodgers, who is supposed to lead the Packers to the Super Bowl!), may be due to the fact that he no longer has TO, and Miami's newly outfitted defense under Mike Nolan, with all the blitzes and far more aggressiveness than the D had last year was not what Edwards was expecting. For one thing, the Fins didn't leave many long passes go defensed last year, and, for another, no one expected Dansby and Company to nearly completely shut down the Bills' running game. Yet, even if "Edwards was just being Edwards," the man they call "Captain Check-down" could have done worse...two of his passes were nearly intercepted, one by Jason "not quite a first round bust" Allen, and one by ex-Viking Benny Sapp.

Fortunately for Edwards, Mark Sanchez had a terrible night against the Ravens.

Mark Sanchez: QB ranking of 29, rating of 56.4, completing 47.6 percent of passes and a 3.5 average, in a loss to the Ravens in their new Stadium in New Jersey. Only rookie Sam Bradford, and stop-gap QBs Alex Smith, Shaun Hill, and Matt Moore did worse in their losses. One could say in Sanchez' defense, however, that the opponent was the Ravens with Ray Lewis and the rest of that outstanding crew around him. On the other hand, the Ravens' secondary has been hit hard by injury, so that Sanchez was not throwing against the team's best corners and safeties. One can also say he did not have Santonio Holmes to throw to because Holmes is being suspended for the first four games. Still, Sanchez did take the Jets to the AFC Championship game last year; while being inconsistent, he was only a rookie and you expect that from a rookie. But he's no longer a rookie, and is "expected" to put the Jets in the Super Bowl, right? Against the Ravens, he looked like a deer in the headlights, and has to play the Pats and Fins in the next two weeks.

So, I leave it us to debate. Which of these is the worst QB in the AFC East?