Dear WWE: Edge's 10th World Title Reign Must Be Lengthy With Credibility

Mr. TaylorSenior Writer ISeptember 16, 2010

What's up Bleaches?

''Time is of the essence, so let's bleach it!''

He has been known across the entire pro-wrestling world by many names: King Edge the Awesome, Mr. Money in the Bank, The Ultimate Opportunist, and The Rated R Superstar.

Edge has been wrestling for WWE for over a decade now and has proven time and time again why he is indeed worthy of the legendary and main-event career that he has attained while wrestling for the company over the years.

Edge has achieved multiple accomplishments and accolades in the WWE and overall has 29 Championships to his palette; he has nine World championships (four WWE Championships and five World Heavyweight Championships), five Intercontinental Championships, one United States Championship, 14 Tag Team Championships (a record 12 World Tag Team Titles and two WWE Tag Team Championships), and is the only wrestler who has held every currently active male championship in WWE.

Edge also won the 2001 King of the Ring tournament, the 2010 Royal Rumble, and is recognized as being the first wrestler to win the Money in the Bank ladder match.

That makes Edge the only man in WWE history to have won the King of the Ring, Money in the Bank Briefcase, and the Royal Rumble. Edge has made himself a WWE Hall of Fame career, and without controversy, he is guaranteed to be inducted one day.

There is only one man that has won 10 or more world titles in the WWE—Triple H. The Rock had the opportunity to be the first to achieve this feat, but he left way too early and I think he would have had over 12 world titles reigns if he didn't leave the company so early.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was another man who had the opportunity, but he let his ego get in the way when he didn't want to put Brock Lesnar over.

John Cena currently has nine world title reigns, but so does Edge and they both have the best chance of becoming the second wrestler to win 10 world titles in the history of the WWE.

I was so delighted when Edge won his first world title back in 2005, and I really felt that the WWE was going to let him have a solid and credible long 7-8 months reign as champion.

I was sadly mistaken, because his first reign only lasted a meager and tasteless 21 days. This trend of having a weak, paper champion and lackluster reigns has gone on to this day. Not one of Edge's world title reigns have gone on for more than 3 months. ''NOT ONE, WWE?''

Don't get me wrong—Edge has defeated some of the greatest wrestlers in the last decade to achieve all those world titles and those wins were achievements in there own right.

I just think that Edge desperately needs to have at least one lengthy and credible reign as world champ, so he won't be labeled as one of the greatest transitional champions of all time.

Edge's 10th world title reign should happen at an annual, historic, and momentous event, whether it be SummerSlam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, or Wrestlemania.

Edge should also finally receive a nice long 6-8 month reign with the strap, while getting some very decisive wins over credible and main-event wrestlers during this reign.

Yes, Edge damn sure was involved in spectacular, exemplary storytelling and jaw dropping matches during each of his title reigns, but WWE should at least give the guy one long-lasting reign before he goes.

I know John Cena has nine world title reigns too, but to tell you Bleaches the truth, I honestly don't care if his 10th world title reign happened to be short or meaningless.

Cena has had three world title reigns; his first lasted 280 days, his second 133 days, and his third WWE title reign lasted a whopping 380 days.

I respect Cena as a wrestler and he is deserving of the spot he has in the company today, but if his next title reign happened to last two months, I wouldn't flinch.

I know there are a lot of wrestling fans who think that Edge didn't even deserve to win nine world titles in four years, and I completely agree with that.

I think if Edge had won at least five world titles in those last four years, then he most likely would have had more credible title reigns that lasted six months or more. The main point is that Edge did deserve to win all of those titles.

I just felt that they didn't have to rush into things and give him all those titles so quickly. I know Edge is a cheeky heel, and he often cheats, ceases the opportunity and steals victories to get what he wants, but that doesn't mean that he can't do the same thing and still get some credible one-on-one pinning victories against fan favorites during a eight-month title reign.

They did it with HHH and JBL as a heels, so why can't they do it with Edge? So lets hope that WWE won't screw up on his 10th reign and make it be a reign that WWE fans can remember.

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''That's it for me, Bleaches!''