BREAKING: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Arrest Record Confirms He Hit Ex-Girlfriend

Dave CarlsonCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2010

LAS VEGAS - MAY 01:  Floyd Mayweather Jr. looks on from his corner during a round break during his fight against Shane Mosley during the welterweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

A Washington Post update from a reliable source and an AP article released Tuesday state that Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s arrest report (released to the Associated Press on Monday) is charged with felony grand larceny for stealing a cell phone from his ex girlfriend Josie Harris during a Las Vegas scuffle last week, and that he hit her and twisted her arm. 

Another odd detail that was leaked: Mayweather supposedly gave the ex-girlfriend $200 in "Tooth Fairy money" to put under her daughter's pillow prior to the argument and theft.

Until recently, there had been conflicting reports of what exactly happened involving the embattled boxing superstar and his ex wife, but now a major media outlet has cited an Associated Press source.

The report also indicates that Floyd was not charged with Battery, for reasons not yet discussed in the article. 

There is much speculation as to why Mayweather would commit such an act.  He has had several run-ins with the law in the past, as has much of his training team. However, Mayweather also is having pressure exerted on him to have a fight with Pound for Pound number 1 fighter Manny Pacquiao early in 2011. 

Mayweather has been accused in many quarters of dodging the fight with Pacquiao, and his camp has seemed equally content to dismiss its importance and to build rampant speculation surrounding the fight.  Floyd Mayweather, Jr., the one-time "Pretty Boy", once struggled to get fights before adopting a controversial "Money" Mayweather persona.  He knows perhaps better than anyone that controversy sells tickets, and this event, combined with his recent epithet-laden tirade against his Filipino rival have landed Mayweather a lot of publicity, negative as it may be. 

Another question that arises is whether the undefeated Mayweather's legal situation will delay or preclude a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.  Judging by the lack of battery charges in the arrest warrant, it seems unlikely to accompany a long jail sentence, but it could foreshadow more damaging information that will soon come forth.

Further information will be posted as it arises.

UPDATE 9/14 12:30PST: Mayweather is accused of threatening Harris and her boyfriend by saying "I'm going to have you both disappear."  He turned himself in to police on Friday and was freed after posting $3000 bail, with a scheduled November 9th appearance at the Las Vegas Justice Court. 

UPDATE 9:14 12:30 PST: The Mayweather camp is reportedly awaiting Clark County District Attorney David Roger's decision whether or not to include domestic battery or other criminal charges in addition to the grand larceny charges.  Both the police report and the account used by Harris on Thursday to file for a Clark County Family Court Protection order against Mayweather state that:

- Mayweather was upset about a relationship Harris is having with another man. 

- That he arrived with another man, but it was Mayweather that grabbed her, hit her and threatened to kill her. 

- Only the police report contains claims about Mayweather stealing Harris' cell phone.  However, one of the couple's sons (Mayweather and Harris have three children, ages 7 through 10) claims that Mayweather also stole his phone and his brother's phone.

From the Associated Press article:

"Police say Mayweather was accompanied by another man when he arrived at the house, and the son told police he witnessed his father hitting and kicking Harris.

Police say Mayweather threatened to beat the children if they left the house or called police, and that Mayweather later used Harris's phone to call her friend, who had accompanied Harris to a Las Vegas hospital for treatment of minor facial injuries and a sore left arm.

The woman hung up on Mayweather, police said.

The value of the phone was put at about $322, meaning that Mayweather could face up to five years in state prison if he is convicted of taking items valued at less than $2,500."


(Note: This article has been updated to correct an earlier statement about the victim.  She was an ex-girlfriend, not an ex-wife.)