Wladimir Klitschko Will Make Quick Return to the Ring and Fight on December 11

Tyler CurtisAnalyst ISeptember 13, 2010

Wladimir Klitschko is planning a quick return to the ring, stepping back through the ropes on December 11.

The German network RTL, which shows all of his fights, has set the date aside. His management team is looking at five possible opponents.

It appears that Alexander Povetkin will not be in the running. After bailing out on two fights against Klitschko, it appears he is in no mans land with him.

It appears he will be fighting Denis Boytsov, Tomasz Adamek, Jean Marc Mormeck, Odlanier Solis, or David Tua.

There are three intriguing options, one iffy option, and one terrible option out of those. Boytsov, Adamek, and Solis are the intriguing options so let's start there.

Boystov is a 24-year-old heavyweight with an unbeaten record at 27-0 (22 KO), but no marquee win. You add the fact he is coming off hand surgery and this fight looks less likely.

His best wins in those 27 were against Vinny Maddalone, Taras Bidenko, and Jason Garven. Not bad wins, but he would be taking a massive step up.

On the other hand, he would be making a career-high payday and wouldn’t lose much credibility by losing to Klitschko.

Adamek hasn’t looked great at heavyweight, but he would give everything he has to wrestle that title away. He currently is scheduled to fight Maddalone in New Jersey on December 4.

This will do well in New Jersey, look good on his record, and should be exciting. If he fights on that date, it obviously rules him out for the Klitschko fight.

It is also rumored that he is building towards a fight with Vitali in Madison Square Garden in spring of 2011.

Solis may well be the most intriguing of the three. He is a Cuban product so he has great pedigree and probably wouldn’t fall into Klitschko’s style of fighting.

He isn’t tall at 6’1”, but has long reach at 79” and has decent power with 12 knockouts in his 16 wins. He is getting old at 30 and doesn’t stay in shape.

It may be a big step up, but it may be the right time to do it since he clearly isn’t 100 percent devoted to boxing.

Tua is semi-intriguing in my eyes.

Yes, he drew with Monte Barrett last time out, but he has a punch and always will.

Klitschko would probably beat him into submission like he did Sam Peter, but I like Tua and would like to see him get another crack at the title.

The last fighter being discussed is Mormeck.

Where in the world did this come from? Mormeck hasn’t had a meaningful fight since being stopped by David Haye when both were cruiserweights.

He has two heavyweight wins over Maddalone and a disputable win over Fres Oquendo in France.

If you ask me what fight is going to happen, I would say Boystov. He is coming off the hand surgery and it would be a big step up but the money will be too much.

If you asked what fight would be the most intriguing, it would be Solis without a doubt. He has the brains to beat Klitschko, but would need to translate it to the physical part.

The most exciting would be Adamek without a doubt. At any rate it is nice to see Klitschko get back in the ring and defend the heavyweight crown.