WWE Night of Champions: The 10 Most Shocking Moments Ever With Video

John KindelanAnalyst IIISeptember 14, 2010

WWE Night of Champions: The 10 Most Shocking Moments Ever With Video

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    Night of Champions who will dominate?

    In 2007 we had Vengeance: The Night of Champions, from there it moved to just become Night of Champions, a night where every title is put on the line.

    The great thing about this event was that matches were that of Wrestlemania quality, Cena vs. Orton vs. HHH, Show-Miz vs. Legacy, and a six pack challenge for the US championship.

    Here are ten moments from Night Of Champions history that shocked us, entertained us and made us say in our best Joey Styles impersonation: "OH MY GOD"

10. The Miz and Morrison Vs Finlay and Hornswoggle

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    This made my list because what the heck is Hornswoggle doing at Night of Champions and in a Title match? 

    The only thing crazier is that it appears at this years NOC the Tag Team titles won't even be defended, and if they are, it hasn't been hyped or talked about at all.

9. Snuka & Slaughter Vs. Deuce & Domino

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    This wasn't just a legends vs. the new guys match, this was Father vs. Son.

    Deuce aka James William Reiher, Jr. was born Sept. 1, 1971 (exactly one day before me, cool) to the proud papa Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka.

    To top it off, this wasn't a bad match, the two legends Snuka now 67 and Slaughter 62, gave it their all. 

    Cobra clutches, chops, clotheslines, and blow for blow the legends took the kids to school and showed them how Dad earned his name.

8. 2009 NOC, Six Pack Challenge and Show-Miz

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    A tie in the spot for number 8 was several of the highlights of the 2009 Night of Champions.

    We saw a six pack challenge for the US Championship showcasing the talents of Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, MVP, The Miz, Carlito and Primo. An impressive lineup as several of those participants were all great US title champions.

    Carlito won it in his first appearance ever in WWE. I'm sure he was hoping to regain that fire that he had then, but it just wasn't in the cards.

    We saw Jeri-Show take on Legacy and win tag team gold. Possibly the last team to give the tag titles some credit. 

7. Johnny Nitro Wins ECW Title

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    This feud needs to happen again somehow. I know they're on separate shows but this match was great, the two of them worked so fluid and well together in the ring it was a fantastic match.

    With the two of them having similar builds, but alternate styles and backgrounds; Punk being more of a grappler and Indy guy and Nitro being a high flyer with a Tough Enough history. They orchestrated a match the showcased both of them perfectly.

    Some may look at this as being a blemish on the ECW history, but we need to remember that not all of ECW is kendo sticks, tables and flaming two by fours.

6. Mark Henry Wins ECW Championship

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    The thing that stands out in this match is the combatants.

    Kane - The Big Red Machine, The Monster vs.

    Big Show - The Worlds Largest Athlete, The Giant vs.

    Mark Henry - The Worlds Strongest Man..... Sexual Chocolate

    The video I found promoting this match just really showcases was a devastating force Mark Henry could be.

5. Batista Vs Edge NOC 2008

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    What was shocking about this match?

    Besides Edge making out with Vickie Guerrero....

    Besides Ryder and Hawkins being relevant....

    Besides Batista wearing women's sunglasses.... 

    Besides one of the most outrageous story lines in WWE history...

    Edge wins, that is what shocked me.

4. Triple H Vs. John Cena NOC 2008

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    A match of Wrestlemania proportions.

    Two giants in the industry fighting for the top prize and no, its not the love of Mr. McMahon.

    Starting with a strong back and forth between the two the advantage seemed to turn to HHH until his knee injury resurfaced after falling outside the ring.

    Cena focused on the knee and put on a great show, but in the end, hard to believe shocking as it is, Cena did not win.

    Superman defeated.

3. Cena Vs. Orton Vs. Triple H

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    How do you top Cena vs. Triple H? Easy you throw a viper in the mix.

    These three tore down the house.

    Orton went into this as the champion and even though he tapped out, he walked out the champion as well.

    It was typical triple threat match, 2 on 1, then 1 on 1, then 1 on 1 on 1 each superstar getting a moment to shine and to appear to have the upper hand.

    At one point Triple strapped a sharpshooter on Orton, and rather than Cena breaking the hold to keep the match going he applied a crossface to Orton.

    The two of them wrenching on Randy had the champ tap out, but because the ref couldn't determine who the winner was the match carried on.

    Enter Legacy, some well timed interference, and an RKO and The Legend Killer remains champion.

2. CM Punk Vs. Jeff Hardy NOC 2009

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    Another great feud between two competitors who normally would not be even be considered for the Heavyweight title.

    Only in WWE can someone talk about living a straight edge life style, condemn someone who has an issue with addiction, and that guy is the heel, priceless.

    And in a bold move by the part of WWE, Hardy wins the title. Sadly not to have it very long due to the very thing Punk mocked him for.

1. Cena Vs. Foley Vs. Booker Vs. Lashley Vs. Orton

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    This is a match we will NEVER see again.

    To have these five athletes, Cena and Orton the golden boys of the WWE, Foley (TNA), Booker (retired) and Lashley (MMA) all in the ring together is something you'd only see if you created the match in Smackdown vs. Raw for the gaming system of your choice.

    Five different champions all with different styles tearing the heck out of one another, at the time it was cool but now looking back at it you have to say its shocking that this match took place.