WWE Night of Champions Preview: 10 Ways Wade Barrett Can Win the Title

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WWE Night of Champions Preview: 10 Ways Wade Barrett Can Win the Title

On June 1, Wade Barrett became winner of the first season of NXT, allowing him the opportunity for a Championship match at the Pay Per View of his choosing.  Like most of us, I assumed Barrett would slowly become acclimated into the Raw roster, gain wins over opponents like Evan Bourne and Zack Ryder, achieve a level of credibility, and after a couple of PPV cycles announce his choice of PPV for his guaranteed championship match.  June 7th came, and nothing like that happened.  Without warning or spoiler out there in the IWC, the group which became Nexus came out and for 10 minutes left the WWE Universe feeling something it hadn't felt in a very long time-- speechless.  The ring was destroyed, Cena was decimated, and we witnessed the highest level of violence seen since the PG era began.  And it was good!  Not for the violence but for the shock of the entire display.  Creative pulled a fast one over us, and frankly, most of us were impressed.

Weeks went by, Bryan Danielson was fired over Tiegate, and Nexus contined their same strategy of surround and conquer.  After weeks, it became rather boring and repetitive.  By the middle of July, and two PPVs later, Summerslam's main event created the make or break opportunity for the Nexus angle.  A 7-man team of WWE Superstars vs. the 7-man team of Nexus.  It had to deliver, or the angle would fall apart.  And in August deliver it did, but again not the way anybody had predicted.  After trouble finding a 7th member for Team WWE, Bryan Danielson, AKA Daniel Bryan, made a surprise appearance in the main event, joining team WWE and taking out 3 members in the elimination match himself.  Nexus lost, but after weeks of attacks and carnage wrought by the group, that should come as no surprise.  Still, Nexus began to cement its look as 'weak', and something needed to happen.  After a series of matches on Raw, Darren Young was eliminated from the group.  While on tour overseas, Nexus powerhouse Skip Sheffield, arguably the Second in Command, broke his ankle and was taken out of action.  The Nexus storyline seems to be falling apart right now, so it seems time to book the inevitable.

After a series of matches to determine the Number One Contender for the WWE Championship, Shaemus hand picked Zack Ryder and the new NOC, subsequently beating him in 6 seconds.  Barrett came out to then challenge Shaemus at Night of Champions.  But Creative couldn't possibly have a main event by a 'rookie' and a paper champion on a PPV, so a 6-pack challenge was created, bringing in John Cena, Chris Jericho, Edge, and Randy Orton into the main event picture.  Again though, we find ourselves at the make or break moment for the Nexus angle.  The group is starting to splinter off into singles matches, most impressively being the Justin Gabriel/John Cena match from last week, and the group can gain its mojo again, but only if Barrett wins the WWE Championship.  Can he do it?  Here are 10 ways he can:

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