Short Read About Stone Cold's Cameo In The Movie, "The Expendables"

Gary JohnsonContributor ISeptember 13, 2010

(I'm writing this to pass time, I will not be offended if you do not read this)


Ok you Bleacholics.  I have only 20 minutes till my next class so I will make this short and to the point.


If you haven't seen The Expendables yet, don't worry, I will not give away any spoilers.  

It is just another action film with a lot of explosions that us, guys, love.  How did this film become even more awesome to the male gender?  Add every action film star in the last 10-20 years.  You had Rocky, you had the Terminator, you have Stone Cold Steve Austin plus many more.  It was a 90's kid's ultimate fantasy movie.  Well...I started watching the movie with a friend of mine (also a WWE fan).  We were enthralled with it because, hey, it had every action star we loved.  The first time Stone Cold came on screen, I jokingly yelled in my best JR impersonation "Oh My God!  It's Stone Cold!  Stone Cold!"


Anyways...throughout the movie SCSA made sporadic appearances (He's the villain's head lackie), and it was great to see one of my favorite wrestlers ever on film once again.  Now here is the best part of the movie for me.  You had Selvester Stalone fight Steve Austin.  I was on the edge of my seat.  Not because of how good the fight was though, I just wanted to see if he would pull a Stunner on Rocky.  Sadly, it did not happen.  During the fight though, a thought hit me.  Stalone did not fight like his normal badass self because...well...he's old.  That's when I made a joke comment that made me have the intention of writing this.  


"This is just like TNA!".  


Sad, but true.  Here you had famous, household name guys fighting each other one last time...everyone had to have a shine in the spotlight one last time at least.  I knew none of the main heroes would die because I'm pretty sure they would have a "My character cannot die" clause in their contract.  


So there it is.  A random article just to pass the time, while talking about my childhood hero, Stone Cold.


I bet the grammar mistakes in this are awful and I'll fix it whenever I have time.  


As always, Good luck in your future endeavors.