Guess What? Everybody Is Right About Boise State

Kelly SimsContributor ISeptember 13, 2010

LANDOVER, MD - SEPTEMBER 06:  Quarterback Kellen Moore #11 of the Boise State Broncos passes against the Virginia Tech Hokies at FedExField on September 6, 2010 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
Geoff Burke/Getty Images

Get ready college football fans, as long as Boise State is undefeated the argument of whether they deserve a national title shot is going to continue. Both sides have people who whole-heartedly believe that the Broncos deserve a shot if they remain undefeated. But, on the other hand there are people that do not believe they should even sniff the BCS title. The argument will be null and void if they lose a game or two AQ teams go undefeated. Through all of the arguing up until this point and the arguing that well continue unless Boise loses, maybe the answer is not the one anybody has been arguing. Maybe, just maybe everybody is right.

            When you are in an argument and strongly believe in what you are arguing for, you sometimes lose sight of what you’re arguing against. People arguing for or against Boise do not really take into account where the other side is coming from. We get so caught up in our opinions that we think anything coming from the other side is irrational and irrelevant. But, if you really think about, maybe both sides are right.

            Let’s say, for arguments sake, that Boise and Alabama go undefeated and say Oklahoma has one loss. If Boise State does not make it to the championship game then the say for Boise is going to be livid and rightfully so. The Broncos would have completed a second straight undefeated season and done all they could to put themselves in the position to go to the title game. How would you feel if your team did all they could, but that still was not good enough to get to championship game? It would be devastating for Boise to go through that again, especially when this has been pointed to as the year Boise could make it to there ultimate goal. To be honest, it really would not be fair. It would be unjust to the Broncos to leave them out of the title game in that circumstance. So, the argument that says Boise should go to the championship game is a legitimate one.

            Now picture the same circumstance. This time Boise goes to the title game and Oklahoma is left out. The Broncos would have finally achieved their goal. But, it would be the Sooners who go home upset and disappointed. Yes, the Sooners would have had their chance to go undefeated and would have been in the title game if they had done so. But, there is no question that the Broncos’ schedule would have been much easier than that of Oklahoma’s. Many believe that if the Broncos were in a tougher conference then they would have multiple loses and I am one of those people. For Oklahoma to go through the schedule they would have gone through and to be beaten out by a team that, outside of Virginia Tech and Oregon State, would not have played much of anybody compared to Oklahoma. Plus, neither of those wins seem to be to the level that Boise was hoping they would be, assuming Boise gets by the Beavers. It would not be fair to the Sooners.

            So, that brings me to my point. Maybe there is not a right answer, or everybody is right. It depends on how you look at it. The BCS system might not be able to answer this question. In this system, there might not be a right answer. Either way, somebody feels screwed. I like the BCS. I am a proponent of the BCS. But, I would also love a playoff. I am fine either way. But, maybe the BCS can not legitimately answer this question in a given year. But, this all could be solved fairly easily. Somebody could step up and knock off the Broncos. But, do not forget about TCU. They are kind of hidden behind the Broncos, but they have a shot as well. No matter who it is, the arguing is going to continue. So, get ready college football nation.