Drew McIntyre Interview, Big ROH Signings, and News On Team 3D!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 13, 2010

ROH announces more big signings

Ring of Honor officially announced the resigning. King has been a part of ROH roster since 2007, and has slowly evolved into one of the most exciting in-ring performers around.

 "There are big things on the horizon for this talented young man." said ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette. "He is a stellar athlete with a tremendous upside. Despite his general attitude, we are excited to see what the future has in store for Kenny King here in ROH."

In addition to that ROH officials also announced that they signed independent standout Kyle O'Reilly. He has had a good buzz around him ever since his match with Austin Aries. While no details of the contract have been given, it is said that he is signed for at least a few years.

To read more on this and other ROH news click here.


Team 3D Done?

Many are speculating what is going on with Team 3D these days. They still have yet to resign with TNA, and it looks as if there aren’t any talks going on to resign them. Team 3D has agreed to make some appearances on behalf of TNA in Jersey next month, but that is about it.

It is also being rumored by people close to the team that they may consider retirement. While I would take this rumor with a grain of salt, I also wouldn’t rule out the possibility of this happening. They are much older, and may not have the desire to wrestle anymore.


Drew shoots the breeze

Recently Drew McIntyre shared a few words with pressandjournal.com. They talked over a variety of things including Drew’s wrestling influences, his parent’s thoughts of him getting into wrestling, and more. It was a nice little read worth checking out.

I have included some highlights and the link for the interview


Drew on Wrestling as a kid

 “When I was a kid, I used to watch wrestling on the television and loved it, but it was cancelled when I was three,” said Drew.

 “Mum and dad could see how much I missed it, so they bought me my first video, which featured British wrestling tag teams.

“It inspired by brother, who is a year younger than me, to wrestle all the time. We took it seriously and thought about the moves we were going to try on each other.

“We even used to play the theme tune to the TV show before we staged our own wee matches because it was all about showmanship,” said Drew smiling at the memory.


 When drew knew he wanted to be a wrestler

“From the time I was a very young boy, all I wanted to do was be a professional wrestler, so you can understand when I tell people now that I’m living my dream.”

“When I was 14, I found out about another wrestling school, this time in Portsmouth, and managed to convince my folks to let me go, as by then they knew I had my heart set on becoming a pro-wrestler.


On how is his parents felt about him wrestling

“My mum wasn’t exactly thrilled with my choice, but she agreed so long as I came back to Scotland and got myself an education.

“The importance of getting a good education was drilled into me and eventually it clicked and I thought they’re right, why I wouldn’t want an education.”


On his return to Scotland

“It’s really great being back in Scotland as for me I’m performing in front of a home crowd, no matter which part of Scotland I’m in,” said Drew.

“To hear a Scottish crowd chanting your name is the coolest thing ever, as that just doesn’t happen in America, where they boo as they see me as the bad guy.

“It will be great to revisit Aberdeen, too, as I have a couple of university buddies who live there.”


You can read the rest of the interview by clicking here


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