John Morrison:Why He Should Be Set to Smackdown, Turned Heel & a Title Contender

John R.Contributor ISeptember 13, 2010


John Morrison is one who many think is being underused and under appreciated. He has undeniable talent in the ring for sure but many would say that his mic skills need lots of work. Having already gave him a IC title push, a DVD  and T-shirts you'd think he would be one of the top guys by now but being on Raw, the WWE's 'A' show he's being buried by the likes of Cena, Orton, Nexus, Sheamus, Edge  the list goes on. My solution is when Smackdown goes to Syfy have him go back to the blue show as a heel. I give three good reasons why I think this would work.

1. He was better on the Mic

I can't count the number of times I've read or heard people say that when he and Miz were tag team partners not only was Morrison more interesting, but also he was decent on the mic. When he made fun of people it got a lot of fans hot and more importantly, It Worked. It's obvious that you will only get so far on wrestling skill alone.A good example would be Shelton Benjamin. He is one of, if not the best pure athlete WWE had but his lack of mic skills only got him to the mid card. Morrison has a lot of work to do but I think If WWE made him a heel he'd probably be more comfortable on the mic as he used to be. Give him some big targets to make fun of and he should be able to work wonders. I could see him calling other guys ugly or making fun of their attire. Ha, I could even see him and 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes in a self centered stable together.

2. He wont be buried and he'd have a legit shot at a title

 Him being heel opens up lots of options for feuds as well as being on Smackdown. Give Kofi the title back and have the two face off and that'll pretty much guarantee some exciting matches. With all of the mid-carders on SD it would be easy for morrison to top the food chain right away and make a strong run at the WHC.  What the WWE has to do is make him the guy you hate to love. He's a great in ring worker so he's gonna get his proper credit but have him talk about how good he is after a few big victories over guys like Swagger, Mysterio & CM Punk(All former WH champs). This boasting will draw heat and make him seem like the biggest douchebag in the WWE which is what I think he needs to be. Some would say that would be Miz's gimmick but why not have Morrison do it. He'd be on a different show and he is much more talented in the ring than Miz so he could even call out his former tag partner about it. This would open up a feud with Taker who by then will have been WHC and make for some great matches. Have Morrison steal a victory and the title and then a great fued will come from it with two great in ring workers.

3. Smackdown Needs a top heel and another face in the WHC hunt.

I know most would say Kane was the top heel and that would be correct but I think Morrison would be a good fit as well. He is much more charismatic and works better in the ring imo. Isn't anyone tired of seeing the same guys face off every week? Morrison could very well bring a different flavor and definitely keep matches interesting with his high flying. WWE needs to try to keep him from being a tweener as well or this wont work. Having Morrison against Big Show, Christian or Rey will help build him up to be able to take the title from Taker later on. He'd be a fresh face in the title hunt and could knock Kane out(another thing to brag about) and go right for Takers gold. The key is to make him the guy you hate to like like I said before. This will be key in Morrison's heel success. Beating top dogs will give him a reason to be the cocky SOB I'd like to see him as and him being as good as he is in the ring, He could possibly go down as one of the greats. But only if used the correct way