WWE Monday Night RAW Preview: The Sprint Before The Slam!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IAugust 10, 2008

We are just one week away from the WWE Summerslam as Monday Night RAW rolls into Richmond, VA. An action packed night is planned as the new General Manager Mike Adamle tries to continue his momentum after an eventful debut last week, thanks to his "Adamle Originals".

In his first week on power, Adamle ordered three Title matches, including the main event Tag Team Title match featuring the Champions Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. against John Cena and Batista.

Despite facing emotions running high with facing each other for the first time at Summerslam, Batista and John Cena managed to defeated the Champions to capture the World Tag Team Titles. But the celebration didn't last long as the night ended with a stare down between the two new Champions.

Just one week before these Cena and Batista face each other, Adamle has order a Tag Team Title rematch this week on RAW. Can Rhodes and DiBiase take advantage of the new Champions friction to regain their Titles? How will Batista and Cena manage to get along one more time in a match together before their battle at Summerslam?

Last week, Adamle also gave us another "Adamle Original" to decide who will be facing the World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk at Summerslam. We saw JBL and Chris Jericho against CM Punk in a 2 on 1 handicap match. The person who pinned Punk within the time limit would face him at the Summerslam for the World Title. In the last moments of the match, the self proclaimed "Wresting God" JBL managed to steal away a victory, earning his title shot.  

With their match just a week away, JBL has challenged the World Champion to a special challenge that "He can't win". What does the challenger have in store for CM Punk? What kind of challenge, and can the Champion come out on top? Important momentum is at stake.

Also this week on RAW, we will finally find out what is Kane hiding inside the bag he is carrying around. GM Mike Adamle has ordered Kane to reveal the contents of the bag. Who will Kane react? Is this an "Adamle Original" that will get the new boss seriously hurt?

All this and so much more! How will the WWE's new power couple prepare for their winner takes all Title match? Can Santino and Beth Phoenix become the first couple to hold gold since Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley? And what does Chris Jericho have to say about Shawn Michaels announcement that he will discuss his future at Summerslam?

Make sure to tune in on WWE Monday Night RAW. It's the sprint before Slam!


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