Speculation on Mystery Member of the Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions

Renee GerberCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2010

WWE champion Sheamus, copyright to WWE.com
WWE champion Sheamus, copyright to WWE.com

As all diehard fans of pro-wrestling know, WWE champion Sheamus will be defending his title against five other competitors in a six-pack challenge at Night of Champions this coming Sunday. Randy Orton, Edge, John Cena, Nexus leader Wade Barrett, and Chris Jericho will all be gunning for that coveted prize that he holds.

Oh, right...Chris Jericho was eliminated after losing a match against John Morrison in which his spot in this bout was on the line...And that means there's an empty slot for someone else to fill for a chance at the title.

After the Jericho vs Morrison match, I was left stunned that the Shaman of Sexy actually walked out the victor. We all know he's been made a jobber as of late, so it was shocking to see him actually beat an established veteran main eventer such as Chris Jericho. I'll admit it: WWE duped me into thinking that, due to the victory, Morrison would be competing in the six-pack challenge for an actual opportunity to become champion.

Sadly, that won't be happening.

As a friend of mine pointed out to me on Twitter, just because Morrison won the match against Jericho, and, therefore eliminated him from the match at the pay-per-view, that didn't mean he was getting the spot.


And so, who does that leave us with? Evan Bourne? The high flyer received a bit of a push several months earlier, but that was shown to be nothing but a teaser, as he's sadly been relegated back to jobber status. Mark Henry? No, he's also been turned into a jobber. The Miz? No, of course not. He currently has his hands full with Daniel Bryan and will be defending the U.S. title against him at the pay-per-view.

The truth is, I didn't even think of any of the wrestlers I mentioned above as taking the spot Jericho vacated. Well, I did originally think the Miz would be in the six-pack challenge, but that was pretty silly of me, right? After all, he's still the U.S. champion and would have to defend his title at the one show where all championships are defended.

But I digress...It took me only a few minutes to realize that the individual who would end up in the six-pack challenge is none other than Triple H.

That's right, "The Game," "The King of Kings," or, as I like to call him, the king of all spotlight hogs, will return from injury to be the final piece of the puzzle, and will no doubt take the title and pad his championship number up to 14.

Reflecting on last week's RAW and recalling Sheamus' promo, it becomes increasingly obvious that this will happen. The second he mentioned Triple H, I knew that this time, there was a reason behind it. He's only mentioned him minimally in the past few months, except for immediately after Trips' absence.

The so-called "Game" obviously has vengeance in mind, since Sheamus (kayfabe) was the one who put him on the shelf. And what better way to do that than end his WWE Championship reign?

Since this is an opinion piece, I'll throw in my two cents about how I would like to see this match end. I like everyone in the six-pack challenge (minus Triple H, of course). Edge is my absolute favorite, but I don't want him to win for two reasons—he's already had his time to shine nine times and I would like to see him move back over to SmackDown! (hopefully as a babyface). Randy Orton and John Cena have both also had multiple times as champion, and as for Wade Barrett, well, he's good, but not quite ready for the big time just yet.

That leaves us with Sheamus.

I really like the Celtic Warrior. It didn't start out that way, but little-by-little, he grew on me to the point that he is now one of my favorites. He's great in the ring and on the mic and has a boatload of charisma. I would like to see him retain the title at Night of Champions, not only because I'm a fan but because he hasn't really been booked that well thus far. Notice that many of his victories have been "stolen," and that he's looked weak time and again since his current title reign—the beatdown he suffered from Orton several weeks back and especially Heath Slater pinning him in the five-man tag match two weeks ago instantly spring to mind. It's the same kind of treatment CM Punk got during his first stint as World Champion, and I disagree with that type of booking.

While Sheamus is worthy of the title and deserves to look strong in such a prestigious match, I sadly don't see it happening. When Motörhead's "Time to Play the Game" blares through the arena in Chicago this coming Sunday, and Triple H appears in his gorilla-like stance in the entryway, I won't be the least bit surprised. And no one else should be either when he ends up winning the entire damn thing. Sad, yes—but it will also prove to be true.