Heavyweight Matchup That Must Happen: Roy Nelson Vs Mike Russow

Andrew MahlmannCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2010

the devastating "chub stub" technique
the devastating "chub stub" techniqueJon Kopaloff/Getty Images

The UFC's heavyweight division may still be its weakest division relative to outside competition, but it is still markedly improved and better than ever.  Domineering champion Brock Lesnar has hyper-competitive Cain Velasquez in an upcoming match-up, with another young phenom in Junior Dos Santos waiting to take on the winner.  Outside of those three top dogs, however, there is still fantastic competition to observe.

I present to you..... the competition of the chubbies..... Mike Russow VS Roy Nelson!

These two heavyweights carry with them vast amounts of ridicule for their physique which greatly overshadows how incredibly talented they truly are.  Both are extremely competent grapplers with knockout power, but also with enough experience and composure to threaten any competitor.  

The match-up just makes sense on so many levels.

If Russow were to win, it would thrust his name right into title contention, while if Nelson were to win, it would prove to both the casual and hardcore fans that he deserves to stay there.  

Besides, I don't think the UFC really feels that it has room to heavily promote more than one elite fighter who looks out of shape.  The fight would be a collision of highly skilled massive orb-like fighting machines, where the loser seriously has to reconsider their place in elite level MMA.  

I say that fans deserve it, so let's see Nelson vs Russow, the battle of the blubber.