Interview: Jared Hamman Absolutely Despises a Fight Going To Decision

Joshua WoodCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2010

When Jared Hamman steps into the cage Wednesday as part of the UFN 22 undercard, he won’t be looking for a repeat of his last fight. Hamman fought Rodney Wallace at UFC 111, coming away with a unanimous decision victory. Surprisingly, the decision was the first time in Hamman’s career he went to the judge’s decision.

“I absolutely despise decisions” said Hamman, “I don’t like them. If you’ve ever gotten into a street fight for some reason, you’re not going to look at your friends and be like did I win the fight?”

Hamman will be facing Kyle Kingsbury who gets a fair share of decisions and has some similarities to Wallace, Hamman’s last opponent. Kingsbury has more finishes than Wallace but both are big light heavyweight and are grinders.  

Even though Hamman was upset his fight with Wallace went the full 15 minutes, it did get him fight of the night honors and a very nice bonus. Hamman described the decision as, “15 minutes of good quality cage time that I can go back and review to see my weakness, what I did good, what I did bad and review it”

That video could be a key to victory for Hamman because Wallace took him down many times in their fight and he can expect the same from Kingsbury come Wednesday. Hamman was able to get up when Wallace took him down and that ability will play a big role if he wants to beat Klingsbury.

Hamman knows what Kingbury will look to do and has trained for it.

“I have obviously worked on my takedown defense but if the fight still goes to ground it’s still a fight and I’m still going to fight from there, try and stand up or try and reverse position," Hamman said. "So I’m not too worried about him trying to hold me down.”

Come Wednesday look for a hard fought battle between Hamman and Kingsbury and should it go to the judges, look for the displeasure on the face of Hamman.

Hamman wanted to thank his long time coaches Antoni Hardonk and Vladimir Matyushenko. He also wanted to thank God and his fans for watching his “dorky Butt,” as he described.

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