NFL Week One Thoughts on Vick Should Start and It Was a TD If Not By Rule

Victor JanickiContributor IISeptember 13, 2010

Lombardi Trophy in New Orleans
Lombardi Trophy in New OrleansRonald Martinez/Getty Images

My thoughts as just one fan's voice on the opening week of the NFL. 

NFL kicked off with "Dud-bowl".  The opening game between Minnesota and New Orleans was a dud, as it didn't meet expectations for me.  The Vikings will not make the playoffs unless they improve their receiving corps and protect the aging Brett Favre at all costs.   The Saints will not be defending their title at the Superbowl.   They had a magical season last year and sadly, that magic appears to have worn off.  They still are the team to beat, but they are injured prey.

Who Dey?  Move west young man.  Not too far west though.   Where did the Houston Texans come from?  They are like the little brother of a family of 32.  Who pays attention to them other than their fans?   Apparently not the coaches of the Indianapolis Colts.   Nice upset win; let's see if Houston can make some noise this year.

Built (Staf)Ford Tough just had wind resistance stall them.   Detroit has been bad for years but has a nice young quarterback in Matthew Stafford.  If he is out for a long period of time, it will be another dismal season for them sadly.   Just when the wind was blowing their way.   Speaking of wind, at least Detroit plays da Bears from the Windy City again so they can chalk up a victory, touchdowns guaranteed that is.

Was it a TD?  The Detroit non touchdown that has become controversial (expectantly) was correctly called by the referee and incorrectly written in the rules.  Some, including this one, rules need to be more relaxed.  You can't cover absolutely everything in a rule and not make them too restrictive or not within the game itself.   Loosen up this rule and instant replay won't be the facilitator of controversial calls that are correct by rule but incorrect otherwise.  That last statement is meant to be loaded so as to reflect the loaded rule parameters.   No matter your opinion of the officials, let them do their jobs. Lastly on this, every receiver should know the rules.  Had the Detroit receiver picked up the ball and then tossed it he would have been fine.  

Bad stats equal good job.  Doesn't sound right does it?  Sam Bradford of the St. Louis Rams had one touchdown and three turnovers in his debut and did a good job.  he has shown promise.   On a good team, he'd be set back three years from starting.   To a rebuilding franchise, this is a good learning curve.  Given the confidence and playing time, his stats will read three touchdowns and one turnover by season's end.  Bradford has a bright future and shouldn't be overlooked.

Albert Haynesworth.  I only have six words for him:  Stop acting like a spoiled kid.

No QB controversy in Philadelphia.  Michael Vick simply put should start.   He has earned it and gives the team a better chance of winning.   I can't make a simpler argument for him to start.