Fleeting Thoughts: WWE's PG Rating and The Next Challenger Of The Streak

Josh Brewer@AlwaysBrewingCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2010

Another week in the world of professional wrestling has plodded by with relative obscurity.

Monday night saw Chris Jericho taken out of the main event of Night of Champions, Daniel Bryan continuing to look like the best superstar from NXT's first season, and The Great Khali providing some serious unintentional comedic relief in his match with Edge.

On SmackDown, CM Punk once again showed why he's the most underutilized superstar in pro wrestling, The Undertaker continued to look like the weaker brother, and Jack Swagger and MVP finally appear to be returning to television prominence.

As usual, however, there's much more than meets the eye in the world of pro wrestling.

- WWE's movement to a PG rating has been a popular topic of conversation in 2010, but the talk picked up over the past couple of weeks with the "firing" of NXT season three diva Aloisia.

The stink began with some risque photos Aloisia posed in a number of years ago. Many Internet reports stated WWE brass wasn't impressed with these photos, which clashed with the kid-friendly image the company is trying to project.

If that truly was the case, many of the current divas need to be taken off WWE programming. Kelly Kelly (real name Barbie Blank) has done numerous photo shoots wearing nearly nothing. Maryse, Gail Kim, and Tiffany (real name Taryn Terrell) have posed nude.

Even though these women weren't under contract with WWE when the photos were taken, they should be taken off WWE programming...if Aloisia was truly removed from NXT for a simple photo shoot.

Of course, WWE will never admit its own hypocrisy.

(On a side note, I must recognize Big Nasty, who went more in-depth on the subject here: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/459676-wwe-diva-kaitlyns-erotic-photos-and-the-wwe-double-standard.)

- What was once a strong stable has fallen into a pitiful pile of rubble.

The Straight Edge Society is down to CM Punk and Luke Gallows, after Serena's release and Joey Mercury's injury. For Gallows' sake, the SES must recruit some new members. But for Punk's sake, and for the consideration of the WWE Universe, it is time Punk leaves his stable behind to return to the world title picture.

Much like Randy Orton and The Legacy, the SES didn't do much to improve Punk's standing in WWE. It kept him in ridiculous feuds and out of the main event spotlight.

If WWE pulls the plug on the SES, I am not the only one who hopes Punk goes on to see the type of success Orton has seen since leaving Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase behind.

- According to The Wrestling Observer, Triple H was awarded a brand new role in WWE: Senior Adviser.

The title doesn't add much more than an official title for Trips, who may be in the twilight of his Hall of Fame career.

But looking forward, it appears Triple H and his wife, Stephanie McMahon, are going to be co-captaining the massive ship that is World Wrestling Entertainment once Vinny Mac relinquishes his iron grip on his juggernaut corporation.

Between now and the end of his career, Trips may use his spiffy new title to throw even more weight around in creative meetings. The 13-time world champion may have a few more short-lived title runs to eclipse Ric Flair's mark of 16.

Will Triple H then be considered the greatest professional wrestler of all-time?

- While promoting his latest movie, Legendary, John Cena dared to walk where few members of the IWC believe he has a right to tread: The Undertaker's vaunted WrestleMania streak.

Cena stated that he wants to be the one to end The Undertaker's undefeated streak on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

What would happen when SuperCena took on arguably the greatest superstar in WWE history?

After consecutive wins against Shawn Michaels, it appears Cena is the only man left in WWE that could realistically end the streak. Kane was set to end the streak, by request of The Undertaker himself, but that ship may have sailed.

With that being said, it isn't a question of if Cena could end The Streak. The question becomes: What would have to happen to ensure Cena doesn't end The Streak?

If The Streak does come to an end, and John Cena is the man to end it, WWE will alienate thousands upon thousands of fans in their 20s and 30s.

With a product focused on family friendliness, the 20- and 30-somethings in the WWE Universe may no longer matter...which may mean The Streak won't make it out of Atlanta.

- TNA didn't broadcast iMPACT this week. How many people even noticed?

Even more, how sad is it that TNA was afraid of getting crushed in the ratings by the NFL?

If that really was the case, as many Internet reports indicate, I suggest TNA move their flagship program from Thursday nights. With the NFL Network becoming more and more accessible to cable subscribers, TNA will have plenty of Thursday nights to compete with NFL games.