WWE: Could Raw Roulette Spell the End For Chris Jericho's Current Stint?

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIISeptember 12, 2010

Chris Jericho: The Best in the World at what he Does!
Chris Jericho: The Best in the World at what he Does!

Tomorrow night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw will feature the return of Raw roulette, a concept originally introduced by Eric Bischoff in 2002.

However, this is going to be a ''PG'' Raw roulette. That means no first blood matches, no bra and panties, or anything too violent.

I believe that the best we can hope for is a steel cage match, a ladder match or a knock-off no disqualification match...and that's the best we can hope for!

However, the real draw for this episode of Raw is the ''Chris Jericho Saga.''

As everybody knows, Jericho's contract is up in the very near future. WWE had originally set up an angle to write Jericho off television at Night of Champions with the stipulation being that Jericho would leave if he didn't win the WWE championship.

However, WWE pulled a sensible swerve on last weeks Raw as Jericho was removed from the match because he lost to John Morrison.

I think WWE should be commended for this move. Why put a star who is leaving (most likely) in the main event of your next pay per view?

Surely you should put a fresh face in there so he can symbolise the change of focus in WWE's storylines for the upcoming months?

Anyway, WWE is now in need of a new way to write Jericho off television.

Thus, the revival of Raw roulette occurred. Why else would they have decided to bring the concept back now?

My money is on Jericho competing in a ''Loser leaves town'' match tomorrow night which will lead to him being written off WWE television.

Then, if he decided to return in a few months, WWE could have him return on Smackdown under the proviso that he was forced to leave Raw, not Smackdown.

It will be a sad moment when Jericho is no longer on WWE television, but it's going to happen someday.

Lets hope he resigns and just takes some time off to tour with Fozzy and take a well-deserved break.

What do you guys think? Will Jericho leave? Will he re-sign? What do you think of my scenario?

Thanks for reading.