Sheamus O' Shaunessy : WWE's Own Cowardly Lion

Karan ChhajtaContributor ISeptember 12, 2010

The Celtic Warrior.
The Celtic Warrior.

Some or all of you may have read the Wizard of Oz. The Cowardly Lion in that story is where I obviously got the inspiration for my article's heading.

Sheamus has been unfortunately turned into WWE's version of a cowardly lion. He is a big man standing tall at 6ft 6in and weighing 272 pounds! As as his theme 'Written In My Face' plays, you see WWE's first ever Irish born Champion walking towards the ring, title held high, thumping his chest and roaring loudly. Seems quite a perfect heel WWE Champion right? Wait, it gets better.

A powerful moveset filled with a devastating clothesline, a backbreaking Irish Curse, the Brogue Kick and the High Cross and his love for roaring out loud after knocking down an opponent all makes him look like one hell of a powerhouse. No one could help but be impressed (except those who found his accent amusing). The man destroyed the Game, Triple H at Extreme Rules as an act of vengeance for his loss at Wrestlemania. Triple H has STILL not returned from injury. All was well till then. He was a 1-time WWE Champion and had gotten rid of the King of Kings for good. NOW is when WWE script writers got the valiant, powerful Celtic Warrior into an image from which he still hasn't been gotten out of.

At Fatal 4-Way,  Sheamus pinned the then WWE Champion John Cena, thanks to a Nexus interference. It gave Sheamus his 2nd WWE Title in less than a year. The manner in which he was given the title was a little....sneaky. He proved his 'credibility' by beating Cena again and defending his title at Money In The Bank in a steel cage match. The weeks that followed made it worse for him. The Miz, winner of the MITB Pay-per-View got onto his tail, becoming his 'Celebrity Stalker'. Sheamus took alot of punishment during this period, getting a Skull Crushing Finale onto the MITB briefcase. In the build up to the Summerslam PPV, he was sitting by the announcer's table watching Randy Orton(who became No.1 contender after flooring Y2J and Edge with 2 RKOs in a Triple Threat match) take on Jey Uso. Randy won, Sheamus got into the ring, got an RKO for his troubles and then came the Miz to cash in. Before the match could officially start, Orton decided, ' Hey its the Miz! I don't like him either so....' and he rolled back into the ring and gave the Miz an RKO as well. Sheamus again got lucky. What a Lionheart our Champ is!

Now I know WWE Champions get lucky, but THIS often?? At Summerslam, after Randy Orton(somehow!) kicked out of a pin attempt after taking the Brogue Kick to the side of his skull, the Celtic Warrior lost it his head. He went outside, took a chair out an as the ref tried to stop him, pushed the referee away and was thus disqualified. Lost the match, retained the title. Strong Champion? Sheamus? Not really. Next day on RAW, we all know what happened. Trying to interfere Orton's match with Gabriel, Sheamus ended up getting I think 8 chairshots from The Viper. Bad decision Sheamus. Soon after,when Wade Barrett called off the treaty, demanding a title shot and the GM(still anonymous!) announced a 6-Pack Challenge for the WWE Title at Night Of Champions, the whining began. ' Eet ees unfare! Aye yam da Dubya Dubya Ee Chaampiun! Aye deeserve some respect! ' I mean, I understand (and to some extent adore the accent) what Sheamus means. What I don't get is where the WWE is taking this guy. Since bursting onto the scene after winning the Royal Rumble for non-title winners in late 2009 and getting his 1st title shot and BEATING  Cena in the tables match, Sheamus has come a long way. Yes, a long way. From an Irish powerhouse, to a Champion who just gets lucky or gets DQs.

It almost seems as if the WWE are trying to find out which lucky Champion we get tired of first. Sheamus or the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, who with his 'Excuse Maay!!" Vickie has gotten more DQs than wins. If the WWE are doing all this to give Sheamus a MEGA push by winning clean at NOC, then it will be fantastic. But if again an interference, lights out, Nexus in and a Sheamus pin and win takes place, it might just be one time too many. Sheamus is a great prospect, a good booking is need. All your comments and opinions are very welcome as I am genuinely interested in what people think about this situation. Will Sheamus get a clean win and stop with his whining? Or will it be the same old, ' No yoo don't Cena/Orton/Edge/Barrett.I'l juss get me a chair n' get meself DEESQUALLAFIEDD' scenario? Lets Debate!

Thhaank Yooh.