18-1?!? Why WWE Needs To Have John Cena Face The Undertaker At Wrestlemania 27

Kevin Germany@@KevinUber1Analyst IIISeptember 13, 2010

John Cena: the wrestler, actor, musician.  He's done it all in the WWE.  But the one thing he has not done is break the Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania.  

Just recently, while promoting his new movie "Legendary", John Cena said he wants to end the Streak. Needless to say, it triggered a massive wave of reaction from IWC members.

Rize, who reported the story on B/R, got over 300 comments on his article, in just a couple of days.  Give him credit for writing the article.  

If an article got that much of a reaction in September, just imagine how much hype would it be around Wrestlemania time?  If WWE builds this up, then it will be one of the greatest Wrestlemania matches of all time. 

Why should John Cena face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania?  Should Cena be the man to break the streak?  

John Cena is the most polarizing figure in the WWE today

His genuine family-friendly persona is a favorite among little kids and women.  Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect are the mantra that he goes by in and out of the ring.  He has earned the right to be the face of the company, as stated in Vince McMahon's terms.

However, a lot of fanatical fans hate him because "He can't wrestle" or "He has only three moves" or "His character is so stale."  Also, they're sick and tired of him constantly winning.  Cena actually CAN wrestle.  He DOES win all the time, just like Hulk Hogan before him.  

From my personal experience at WM 26, Cena got about 60% cheers and 40% boos.  More importantly, the reaction is either a vitriolic boo or a rapturous cheer.  You either love him or hate him. There is no in-between. 

Who boos and cheers?  For the most part, teenagers and men in their 20's or even 30's jealous of Cena's chiseled abs and massive muscles despise him with a passion.  Women who think he's hot and kids who idolize his character profusely cheer when his theme song plays.  

But think about it: kids love Undertaker as well.  Most of the women at WM will know that Undertaker and his streak are to be respected.  

My estimation has it 80% of fans will pull for Taker and a vocal 20% for Cena if they were to do battle.   

John Cena has the most realistic chance of ending The Streak

John Cena is more than a credible threat to end the Streak.  He might actually be favored to win.  
We all know that John Cena is booked as unstoppable.  Summerslam was a perfect example.  He defied the odds once again to vanquish the Nexus.  Realistically, he'd be the perfect guy to end the Streak. 

But really, who else can end The Streak?  Kane, Randy Orton, Edge, and HHH have already been beaten.  No up and coming wrestler is truly worthy of ending it.  Wrestlers such as Jericho and Rey Mysterio don't need it and are over the hill as well.  

So, after using the process of elimination, John Cena is the only one that has a chance of ending it. He's likely to stick around in WWE for a long time.  

If he does break the Streak, then the fan riots afterwards may force him to turn heel.  The fans in the Georgia Dome will not be at all happy if the Streak ends with a dirty Cena win.  

If Cena is to turn heel soon, this would be the perfect opportunity.  

Undertaker's streak needs a major challenge

Now, to be honest, Undertaker is way over the hill.  He really doesn't wrestle much anymore, and he wrestles with a noticeable limp in both of his knees.  In spite of this, he continues to do what he loves, not unlike Joe Paterno.  

He has wrestled for over 25 years, 20 of those in the WWF/WWE.  But, Taker can still put on a 5 star match, as shown at WM 26.  I think WM 27 should be his last match.  

However, as his career is nearing the end, Taker needs to have another classic match at Wrestlemania.  But, it may very well be that WM 27 is his last one.  If so, he needs a big name superstar to face.

Step into the limelight John Cena.  

Cena is the only face of the company currently in his prime yet to face Undertaker.  He can give Taker a run for his money.  Also, Vince McMahon may want to reward John Cena for his hustle, loyalty, and respect to the WWE by having him break the Streak. 

If Undertaker doesn't have a problem with this, then the nightmare of the IWC will become true.  John Cena will break the Streak.  

Undertaker's opponents at Wrestlemania

His 18-0 record at Wrestlemania is absolutely phenomenal.  Nobody's EVER going to come close ot that record.  Here are the opponents he's beaten. 

1-0: Defeated Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka at WM 7. 

2-0: Defeated Jake "The Snake" Roberts at WM 8.

3-0: Defeated Giant Gonzales at WM 9.

4-0: Defeated King Kong Bundy at WM 11. 

5-0: Defeated Diesel (Kevin Nash) at WM 12. 

6-0: Defeated Sid "Psycho" Vicious at WM 13. 


7-0: Defeated Kane at WM 14. 

8-0: Defeated Big Bossman (RIP) at WM 15. 

9-0: Defeated HHH at WM 17. 

10-0: Defeated Ric Flair at WM 18. 

11-0: Defeated Big Show and A-Train (handicap match) at WM 19. 

12-0: Defeated Kane again at WM 20. 

13-0: Defeated Randy Orton at WM 21. 

14-0: Defeated Mark Henry at WM 22.

15-0: Defeated Batista at WM 23. 

16-0: Defeated Edge at WM 24. 

17-0: Defeated Shawn Michaels at WM 25. 

18-0: Defeated Michaels again at WM 26. 

1?-?: Faces John Cena at WM 27. 

Will John Cena break the Streak?  Will anyone else break the Streak?  Or will Taker retire undefeated at Wrestlemania?  



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