Avoiding Entrapment at The Ole Cowbow Corral: What The WAC's Top Team Must Do

Brandon MoorContributor ISeptember 12, 2010

Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore against Virginia Tech
Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore against Virginia TechGeoff Burke/Getty Images

Trap games under typical circumstances, burst up on an expected/unexpectedly jumbled footing, justifying college football’s fiercely impulsive personality.

Are trap games legitimately existing phenomenons, or an imaginary sham riling up our nation’s audiences?

Or… are they a natural occurrence of the college football order?

Trap games transfigure into all-around workplace hazards come time conference play commences, but rarely beforehand.  Wyoming poses an undoubtedly menacing task this Saturday when the Boise State Broncos head east to Laramie.

Nothing guarantees the Broncos can commit 11 penalties for 100 plus yards and escape from game to game.  It just can’t happen, but don’t expect it to.

Awe-inspiring to a great degree overshoots the Wyoming Cowboys account on taking care of business over 1AA Independent Southern Utah 28-20 this past Saturday at Wyoming’s War Memorial Stadium.

Wyoming Cowboy quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels lit up the Thunderbirds throwing up 319 yards adding 3 touchdowns with two scoring strikes of 39 and 69 yards respectively.  Carta-Samuels passing partner, wide receiver Zach Bolger, reeled in 5 passes grading up 134 yards to go with 2 touchdowns.

Controlling the ball for a succinct 25:17, the Cowboys rushing arrangement lacked the “It” factor triggering scores of offenses to properly fire on all cylinders.  Mustering just 36 yards, the Wyoming running game managed a lousy 1.4 yards per carry, well short of decent expectations.  

Rushing at such a drastically sub-standard rate isn’t healthy on the ole’ moral.

The stats quite honestly painted a totally different picture illustrating the false impression the score should’ve been flipped around.

Southern Utah came into that game with the mind-set to throw everything at the Cowboys and they did just that, but the fell short. 

A two week layoff in between beating Virginia Tech and traveling to Laramie, Wyoming, Boise State has more than ample time to formulate a game plan fit to punch out the Wyoming Cowboys in the opening minutes of the game.  At least you would think that’s the idea.

Soaring out to a speedy start similar to the one at Fed Ex Field last Monday night may well be more than enough to KO Wyoming.  On the other hand, the position Boise State sits in, it’s imperative to go for the jugular.  Not doing so allows voters to consider TCU to overtake the Broncos in the polls without much of an after-thought.

In other words, style points count.

Offensively, line up with Doug Martin in the backfield, split Pettis and Young out wide so Kellen Moore quickly examine the defense.  When you read this, you may say, “no kidding, this is your take on what the Broncos have to do.”

Yep, but the only modification is of foremost importance. 

Maintain the pedal to the metal for three full quarters instead of the conventional 2 to 2 ½ quarters as done by most teams throughout the country.  We’ve all witnessed it happen.  Stomping a team for the first half plus the first few minutes of the third quarter seems demoralizing.

Until the half-happed, no interest attitude kicks in.

Efficiency is the name of the game for Broncos’ quarterback Kellen Moore.  Against Virginia Tech, Moore went 23/38 drilling in 3 touchdown passes and a key, no interceptions.  As ferocious as the Virginia Tech defensive line let out early, Boise’s offensive line showed in impressive tolerance for repelling them long enough to provide Moore with sufficient time to make critical decisions.

Boise did what most suggested they needed to do although those same people really didn’t think they could do.  They came out and punched Virginia Tech in the mouth, out-muscled them and proved they were flat-out faster all around.  

The defensive staple for the Broncos of flying at and around the ball carrier and swarming in packs is nothing short of magnificent, which is why letting up becomes a cardinal sin.  Petersen’s secondary played suspect much of the night versus the Hokies whether it was loss of footing or mistiming routes.  No doubt this two week layoff is a godsend because of the time to shore up the mishaps allowing for extra yardage beyond the linebacking unit.

Wyoming mustered up just 257 yards of total offense tonight in Austin in their loss to the Texas Longhorns 34-7.  Aside from Cowboy quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels completing 16/29 pass attempts for 160 yards, Wyoming’s offense withered to near nothing.

More than likely, Chris Petersen stayed glued to the tube grading Wyoming’s performance while plugging in new notes for next weekend’s game at War Memorial Stadium when they tangle with the Cowboys.

The Boise State Broncos will be ready.  Count on it.

Remember though, style points count any way you slice it up.


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