Harris Horseshoe Troubles: Penalties,Interceptions,and Lack Of Communication

Eric DormanAnalyst ISeptember 11, 2010

Jacory Harris Struggles In Loss Against Ohio State.
Jacory Harris Struggles In Loss Against Ohio State.Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

With one of the biggest weekends in College Football History being this weekend we had quite some good games and rivalries. Jacory Harris and the Miami Hurricanes stormed into Columbus,Ohio looking for payback. The first ten minutes or so was very interesting for Miami because they should the improvement of past defensive mistakes and the offense really came alive in the first quarter.

Jacory Harris struggled early and gave up way to many interceptions in the entire game. Harris accounted for four interceptions and went for 232 yards. Harris went 22 for 39 and he struggled with trying to complete passes while false start penalties plagued the Miami Hurricanes. The problem with Miami in this game was their lack of closing the holes that Pryor found and exploited. Terrelle Pryor was big difference maker for the Ohio State Buckeyes and with the ability to run he poss-ed such a big threat for the Miami Defense. Ohio State was ready to play and both OSU's Offense and defense played very well in third down situations. Pryor and the Buckeyes exploited the weaknesses of Miami's Defense and really pounded Miami with completions to several open wide receivers.

Travis Benjamin was Jacory Harris's go to man and really helped Jacory improve his completion percentage while Harris continued to struggle against Ohio State's Defensive pressure. The. Hurricanes has many chances in the first half to go up by one or two touchdowns,but the Buckeyes Defense prevented Harris to become comfortable in the pocket. One interception after the other it seemed for Jacory Harris and the Miami Offense. There were some moments in the game were it seemed like Miami had some life and was developing a comeback,but as usual Harris struggled under the Buckeyes Defense. Terrelle Pryor improved his Heisman chances with how terrific his passing was and how determined he was to get to the first down marker. While struggling Jacory Harris looked on Terrelle Pryor and the Ohio State Offense continued to pound Miami's Defense with multiple touchdowns.

The body language of Harris looked like he was disappointed and frustrated with his performance. The Miami Hurricanes played good despite almost becoming crushed by Ohio States Offense. Miami started to breathe new life for just a few minutes,but once again misreads added to the pain of how Miami was performing. It seemed like both quarterbacks at different times in the game struggled the most with either misreads or defensive pressure. Overall this game was very entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Both teams has their good and bad moments. However Miami was the one team that stood out the most with problems in the game. Jacory Harris and the Miami Hurricanes began to put together quite another impressive drive mid into the fourth quarter. Jacory Harris connected with Chase Ford for a nine yard touchdown pass with 14:52 to go in the game. Harris and Miami's Offense had many oppertunities to score,but Ohio State's Defense held the Hurrcanes to a lot of disappointing four and outs.

Despite Miami's turnovers and lack of communication they managed to hold Ohio State to only thirty six points. This game seemed at times that Ohio State would be up two or three touchdowns with the way Miami's Defense played overall,but the Hurricanes managed to come up with some very impressive third down stops. Ohio State showed why they are a top ten team and Pryor also showed his impressive football IQ. Pryor's quickness and anticipation of the blitz are two things that really helped his Heisman chances. False start penalties and lack of focus from Miami's Offensive Lineman became very big factor in the struggle of how Miami played. Missed oppertunities from both Harris and Miami's Wide Receivers began to shape how the Miami Offense had struggled in this game. Ohio State's increased pressure on Maimi Hurricanes Quarterback Jacory Harris and his focus of completions added another layer of frustration to the Miami Offense. 

Ohio State's Heyward played a huge part in the turnovers for Ohio State in the game and increased the level of field position for the Buckeye's Offense. This game showed a lot of talent on both sides of the football,but mainly Ohio State who managed to control most of this game because of great completions from Pryor,impressive defensive stops,turnovers,and increased pressure on Miami's Quarterback Jacory Harris. Miami will have to improve on a number of mistakes and the level of maturity over the course of this College Football Season. Overall Miami struggled in their offense,defense at times looked promising,but as usual Miami just didn't achieve their goals of defeating the Ohio State Buckeyes in what was quite and entertaining game.