WWE SMACKDOWN Review: Matt Hardy Is The Best Jobber Today

Jay BrennanCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2010

Undertaker & CM Punk In-Ring Segment

Undertaker had a pretty long promo about how he is going to destroy Kane. It was more of the same as Taker was later interrupted by CM Punk.

 CM Punk sarcastically applauded Taker for his legendary status. Punk claimed Taker was on a downward spiral. He reminded all the fans in attendance that this would be the last time they see the Undertaker. Punk said that Taker is not  one hundred percent and that he would be gone after Night of Champions.

Punk’s promo reminded me of his days before the S.E.S. He did not give an explanation for giving Luke Gallows the GTS last week or the reason that they were not at his side this week. The segment got a boost when Punk interrupted Taker’s usual nonsense about the dark side.

Michelle McCool is a true warrior. How in the world could she crawl into bed with Taker and still play this “flawless” act? I wonder if she will still be on his arm when he retires and has less backstage stroke.

 Segment Rating: 8/10


Jack Swagger vs. MVP Match:

Swagger defeated MVP with an ankle lock submission.

I can’t wait for Swagger to move on from this feud. He was the World Champion a few months ago and now he is exchanging punches with MVP? MVP did not even qualify for the ladder match at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Swagger looked impressive and made MVP tap with out controversy.

Match Rating: 7/10


Alberto Del Rio vs. Matt Hardy Match: 

Del Rio made Hardy tap out to his cross arm breaker.  

When it appeared that Del Rio was going to re-apply the cross arm breaker, Christian showed up to make the save.  

The jobber, I mean Matt Hardy, actual got some offense on Del Rio. The match ended with Hardy losing once again.

Del Rio needs to show a little more of his offensive repertoire.

Match Rating: 7/10


Lay-Cool & Kaval Back Stage Segment:

Lay-Cool argued backstage about who was going to fight Melina at Night of Champions.

Layla mocked Kaval with a deep voice reciting his previous tag line about “it’s not the size of the fighter…” It was really funny stuff.

Lay-Cool’s pairing with Kaval benefits Kaval the most, but it also keeps their act from getting old.  

Layla El is the legitimate Women’s Champion as she scored the pin fall. If McCool wrestles Melina and wins the Diva Championship, the titles wouldn’t really be unified. However it could be an interesting storyline to have Lay-Cool argue about who the real champion is.  I don’t really like that this storyline could end the BFF angle Lay-Cool is playing to perfection. It may be easier for Melina just to win the unification match and eventually drop the title to McCool.  

Segment Rating: 7/10


Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval Match:

McIntyre defeated Kaval in his debut with the Future Shock DDT. 

Kaval looked very impressive in his debut match for the blue team. There were even moments where it appeared that he might get the win.  

I have no idea how they plan on building this kid when they have him lose his debut match. Not the best way to follow-up his momentum from NXT. 

I don’t believe that the “powers that be” expected Kaval to get the nod over Alex Riley and Joe Hennig. During the NXT season, Kaval was pinned by Husky Harris three times in singles and tag team matches. The WWE Universe wasn’t buying into Husky and didn’t care that he beat Kaval.

There was no “Genesis” or Joe Hennig at the show. I guess that their horrible execution of Smackdown’s version of Nexus killed that angle. Further more, Alex Riley assisted The Miz during his encounter with Daniel Bryan.

Match Rating: 8/10


Kofi Kingston/Chris Masters vs. Chavo Guerrero and (IC) Dolph Ziggler Match:

Kingston got the pin on a distracted Ziggler after hitting Trouble in Paradise.

Chris Masters was on the show two weeks straight! Chavo Guerrero even got on television. They should both be happy with their supporting roles in this never ending feud between Ziggler and Kingston.

This match on paper looked like a throw-away build up match to the Night of Champions but it turned out to be quite entertaining. The finish was unique in that the miss call from the referee assisted the faces in the victory. As we all know, this finish is usually reserved for heels. It reminded me of the Eddie Guerrero days.

Match Rating: 8/10


Big Show Backstage Segment:

Big Show interviewed himself. He said that he eliminated the S.E.S. The best moment of the segment was when he referred to Serena as the other bald headed male.

I could have done with out Kelly Kelly’s appearance and Big Show’s arm pit shenanigans.

Segment Rating: 6/10


The Undertaker vs. CM Punk Match:

Taker submitted Punk with his Hells Gate gogoplata variation.

CM Punk dismissed Gallows and Mercury during his entrance. This is the beginning of the end of the S.E.S.

I don’t like how Taker no-sold  the GTS from Punk. It was a surprising finish as I think we all expected Kane to interfere.

Taker did a great job playing the weakened warrior throughout the match.

After the match, the arena turned red and fire blazed to end the show. I was glad not to see Kane this week as their back-and-forth over the “Devil’s favorite demon” is getting corny.

These two had an outstanding match that was on par with TNA pay-per-view main events.

Look for Kane to get the victory over the Undertaker at Night of Champions. I don’t think they have squeezed the life out of their program yet and expect at least another major match. I would think that this feud could only end with a Casket match.  

Match Rating: 10/10


Final Thoughts:

I am beginning to really believe that there are two sets of writers for this show. It seems that every other week they provide us with some of the best writing in years. In contrast, the alternate week’s programming is terrible and unwatchable at times.

This show was Undertaker style phenomenal. So I will expect next week’s show to be horrific.

I never fancied myself as a huge Shelton Benjamin fan, but for some reason I think that his athletic presence is missed on the show.

NXT Season 3 did not get off to a grand start. I do have to say I can’t figure out if Kaitlyn is hot or not. This scenario reminds me of that Seinfeld episode when the girl he is dating looks amazing one minute and a witch the next.

I was surprised to see Kaitlyn on the show this week. Vicki’s influence on her character will help her stand out from Sojo Bolt, I mean Jazz, no... I mean Naomi. 

I was glad to see Kane take the week off.

Is Matt Hardy the IWC's favorite jobber?

Final Rating: 8/10


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