John Cena Talks Jericho's Future With The WWE, Unifying The Titles, and More!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 11, 2010

John Cena talks shop with busted open!
John Cena talks shop with busted open!

John Cena has been a very busy man as of late. Besides preparing for his weekly appearances on RAW, he has also been all over the country promoting his new film Legendary. Most of his interviews have been mainly hype up for the film for the most part.

Well I just heard him in an interview with "Busted Open", and he talked a little more wrestling in this one. He discusses things like Jericho’s, contract situation, Merging the titles, and other issues. It was surprisingly and entertaining interview.

Here some of the highlights from the interview


Cena on Chris Jericho's future with the WWE

"Chris Jericho is a guy who has kind of been in and out of our company at will. I think he's one of the most-skilled performers we have. The future for Chris Jericho is known by Chris Jericho. I think he'll always have a home in WWE."

"He's taken personal time before; he's taken leave of absence before," Cena said, before joking, "I think I'm responsible for getting Chris Jericho fired more than anyone else." He concluded: "But, it's always a pleasure to have him around, and who knows."


Cena on unifying the titles,

 Cena the WWE would have to integrate the Raw and Smackdown brands for this idea to work.

"There are certain people who watch Raw and certain people who watch Smackdown," he said. "You would really have to do a better job of integrating both programs if you unify the titles."

He said that unifying the belts will help the Divas, but it could hurt the wrestlers if the other titles were merged.

"When it comes down to championships, there are so many great singles Superstars, to unify titles like that or to make championships singular or on a unified plane, I think you're doing a detriment to the Superstars," he said. "You might be holding them back."


Cena on Daniel Bryan's return at Summerslam

 Cena took a corporate position that Bryan was "released from WWE for a PG violation" and there were a "set of circumstances that needed to be dealt with." He said WWE stayed in touch with Bryan, and he believes Bryan returned to WWE in a "great setting".

Source   Pro Torch

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