College Fantasy Football 2010: Week 2 Preview

Gators FirstCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2010

Josh Nesbitt should be owned- and started- in many more CBS college fantasy football leagues
Josh Nesbitt should be owned- and started- in many more CBS college fantasy football leaguesDoug Benc/Getty Images

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Each week, I take a look at players you should start in your fantasy BCS league. I also make recommendations for smaller leagues, such as SEC-only.

You can see last week's picks here, but below I'll make reference to how well my 2009 and 2010 picks have done so you can judge whether the one-week play is better than your usual starter.



Week 1 Average: 27.3

2010 Average: 27.3

2009 Average: 23.2

Matt Barkley, USC (Virginia): 36% owned, 15% started. I'm actually surprised he was owned in so few leagues. He won't get 42 points like he did against Hawaii, but he should continue to put up big numbers, as Lane Kiffin tries to stay relevant (you know, without cheating).

Josh Nesbitt, Georgia Tech (Kansas) - 25% owned, 7% started. I was puzzled in the preseason when Nesbitt wasn't recommended by CBS, and then wasn't drafted highly. He put up 29 points last week. Kansas just lost to an FBS team. Speaking of Kansas, was there any doubt Mark Mangino would leave the cupboard bare? And yes, I stole that one from an e-mail on this week's Solid Verbal podcast.

If you're hardcore: Stephen Garcia, South Carolina (Georgia): 11% owned, 3% started. Last year, Georgia's secondary made even "Straight Outta Crompton" look like a Heisman contender.


Running backs

Week 1 Average: 22

2010 Average: 22

2009 Average: 10.3

Montee Ball, Wisconsin (San Jose State): 3% owned, 2% started. John Clay's backup got 19 points last week. We all saw Alabama's rushing game explode against San Jose State. I think Ball has another big week, as there should be plenty of carries to go around.

Tre Newton, Texas (Wyoming): 19% owned, 12% started. We heard about Texas' new commitment to the run game. Wyoming doesn't pose much more of a challenge than Rice, so Newton could approach 29 points again.

If you're hardcore: Dillon Baxter, USC (Virginia): 3% owned, 1% started. The superstar frosh comes off of his suspension. If he's the real deal, this might be your last chance to get in on it.

Wide Receivers

Week 1 Average: 6

2010 Average: 6

2009 Average: 8.04

Joe Adams, Arkansas (Louisiana-Monroe): 40% owned, 35% started. Arkansas is going to put up great numbers against these awful teams. This ownership percentage is a little high for me to recommend, usually, but Adams should be owned in many more leagues than this. And there's little doubt he's a great play this week.

Dane Sanzenbacher, Ohio State (Miami (FL)): 10% owned, 7% started. Sanzenbacher appears to be a favorite target for Pryor. Florida threw the ball more than most games against Miami (FL) in 2008, and Miami's strength has continued to be in the front seven. I would usually stick to recommending people playing worse teams, but I don't think Sanzenbacher's ownership percentages will be this low for long.

Ryan Swope, Texas A&M (Louisiana Tech): 9% owned, 2% started. Your league mates didn't notice, because he didn't get in the end zone last week and had the 25 percent penalty for playing Stephen F. Austin. But the Aggies are going to throw the ball a lot, and he caught 13 balls last week.

If you're hardcore: Daymond Patterson, Kansas (Georgia Tech): 1% owned, 0% started. I already joked about Mark Mangino's cupboard. Consider Patterson the stale, blue box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese behind the cobweb. With four catches and three carries a week ago, it's apparent the Jayhawks' offensive hopes will be in his hands.

Tight Ends

Week 1 Average: 6.5

2010 Average: 6.5

2009 Average: 4.67

Rhett Ellison, USC (Virginia): 4% owned, 3% started. Let's just say I'm not high on Virginia. Something about Al Groh sucking for nearly a decade.

If you're hardcore: Allen Reisner, Iowa (Iowa State): 5% owned, 3% started. Reisner had four catches last week, and thanks to the departed senior Tony Moeaki, we know Iowa can feature the tight end.


Week 1 Average: 34.5

2010 Average: 34.5

2009 Average: 12.95

Texas Tech (New Mexico): 7% owned, 3% started. Last week, Tech put up 19 points despite the shootout with SMU. This week, they get New Mexico, who Oregon's D/ST touched up for 48 fantasy points a week ago.

If you're hardcore: N.C. State (Central Florida): 2% owned, 0% started. They scored 18 points as a defense last week. UCF is hardly an offensive juggernaut.


Kicker Challenge

Each week, I'll pick a readily-available kicker and compare his point total to CBS' preseason No. 1-ranked kicker, Florida's own Caleb Sturgis. Here are the results to date:

This week's pick:

Aaron Jones, Baylor (Buffalo): 1% owned, 0% started


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