Prediction Of A Crucial Win Set for The Viper at Six-Pack Challenge

Steven SeeContributor ISeptember 10, 2010

In slow calculated moves, a lone wrestler strode down the aisle and approached the ring, his eyes fixated on his prey, a glare few opponents can defy the challenge set before him.


As the blare of his entrance theme “Voices” pitched down its tone, Randy Orton aka The Viper wasted no time in apprehending his challenger with a lightning-paced uppercut and chin lock that brought him down to the mat almost instantaneously. Five minutes into the match, Randy proceeded with his infamous Stomp around his fallen opponent…


With incessant chanting from the arena of fans for his signature move of the deadly RKO, such is the popularity of Randy, a one-man force that has dominated WWE RAW in its weekly run.


Apart from previously known as a feared Legend Killer, Randy has gained significant fame and fan following in recent years, a departure from his “villain” days of Evolution and Legacy.


These past weeks saw a succession of Randy executing RKO on Wade Barrett, Sheamus and Edge in the run up to Night Of Champions, which is fast becoming a promo for The Viper to clinch the much coveted title of WWE Champion at the PPV.


What sets Randy apart from the rest of the roster is his resilience and sheer tenacity to put up a good fight despite being down with shoulder injuries a number of occasion in the course of his career. He is one champion who should be given the wild card to attain the title that had eluded him since Fatal Four Ways and Summerslam in recent memory.


With Jericho’s defeat to John Morrison that got him booted out as a contender of the title, there is indeed animosity for the six-pack challenge.


Who will replace Jericho is anybody’s guess but unwittingly what will be the outcome of the match, only time will tell. The primary focus on Randy in the present moment as a much anticipated champion cannot be overlooked and likely set to be attainable with Jericho out of the way.


Egde, Wade and Cena could still create an upset to gain an upper hand but there is generally a strong wave of confidence that Randy’s determination can overcome any obstacle thrown in his way that would result in Sheamus losing the belt with an RKO that knocks his winds off.


Would you predict a similar outcome ?