TNA No Surrender 2010, Results/Review

SlamZillaContributor ISeptember 10, 2010

Live from the Impact Zone, TNA gives us No Surrender.  This is the last stop before the big one itself,   Bound For Glory, on 10-10-10.  The card itself, at least on paper seemed a little thrown together, but there was still potential for some very good matches.  So did it deliver?  Read on and find out.

Motor City Machine Guns  vs  Generation Me.

     That’s right, Generation Me.  The excuse was, that for personal reasons, Magnus and Desmond Wolfe couldn’t compete.  Fine by me.  As much as I like Magnus and Wolfe, I was very happy to see the Buck brothers take their place.  We have seen what they can do with the guns in the past, so this was a very pleasant surprise.  And boy did these two teams deliver.  As you would expect, there was plenty of high flying action, and crazy spots.  But this time around there was a bit more storytelling going on, and in the end, the Bucks ( who had been working over Alex Shelly’s neck) did a post match attack, and DDT’ed Shelly from the ring apron, onto the floor…….Still, The Guns came out on top to retain their Tag Team Championship.

Douglas Williams  vs  Sabu.

     This was the second, and last Championship that was on the line on this pay per view, and it was for Williams X-Division Title.  Lately I have been disappointed with the X-Division as a whole, but this is primarily because of the lack of effort that TNA has put into pushing it.    That, and I didn’t much care for Williams slower pace of matches.  This is the X-Division after all.  But strangely enough, it is starting to grow on me, in that he really is a good wrestler, and showing different styles is also what this Title is about.  Thus we come to Sabu, who has always been known as one of the kings of extreme.  This wasn’t an anything goes type of match, but the rules did get bent enough for Sabu to pull most of his chair hopping moves ( and a few small botches )  Williams did a good job of making Sabu look good, and in the end used his Championship Belt to lay out his opponent and get the win.

Velvet Sky  vs  Madison Rayne.

     I really don’t know why this one was between Velvet and Rayne, instead of Angelina and Rayne?  If I had to guess though,  it must be to get some closure between the two former partners.  Also, this business of both duo’s laying claim to the “Beautiful People” title still has to be resolved too.  It was sort of funny to see both groups come out to the same entrance music though.  This match turned out to be better than I expected.  Velvet has never been known as a very strong wrestler, but Madison has shown a lot of improvement over the last few months.  Together, they had a decent match, with plenty of distraction on the outside from both Tara, and Love.  But in the end it was Velvet getting the win, after reversing Raynes finisher, and scoring with her own DDT.

Abyss  vs  Rhyno.

     Rhyno hasn’t been around very much lately in TNA, so this was a perfect match for him to be in.  Nothing fancy about a falls count anywhere match.  And as you would expect, the brawl between these two spilled out into the crowd, and all over the Impact Zone. At one point, the duo disappeared under the stage, only to burst through on the other side.  The end came when they finally made their way back into the ring, which was littered with various weapons that they brought in earlier, including part of the steel ring barricade.  Rhyno missed with a Gore attempt, and smashed into the barricade which was set up in the corner, then turned around and was hit with a Black Hole Slam.  Your winner,  Abyss.  And I seriously hope that the mysterious “They” that Abyss keeps ranting about lives up to all the hype.

Sting and Kevin Nash  vs Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe.

     Can somebody please explain to me just what this feud is even about?  Sting was talking about TNA’s “Deception” a few months back, and that was never explained.  Now he is siding with Nash, on some unknown mission to destroy Hogan.  And now Jarrett is involved (dragging Joe along) going on and on about back room politics.  And somehow, the fate of TNA itself is in jeopardy?  Either way, this has lead to a pointless match on this pay per view.  I can only hope that this is a buildup to some sort of explanation at Bound For Glory.  As for the match itself, there really isn’t all that much to say.  Standard fare from both teams, with the only interesting part being at the end, when Jarrett used Stings own bat to inflict damage behind the ref’s back, leading to Joe locking in the rear naked choke for the victory.  So, is Jarrett the real bad guy now?  I’m confused.

A.J. Styles  vs  Tommy Dreamer.

     This was not for Stlyes T.V. Title, which was too bad, since there wasn’t going to be a World Title match on the card, due to the tournament.  But it was an ” I Quit ” match, which as we all know, means plenty of violence.  And who better to be in a match such as this, than Tommy Dreamer.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect in this one, since A.J. really isn’t used to the hardcore style.  But he seemed to adapt very fast, and matched Dreamers inovative violence, with his own mean streak.  This was definitely one of the best matches of the night,  with a few highlight spots, such as Dreamer locking Styles in a crossface, with a Kendo stick, and the ending, which saw Styles bust open Dreamer with a fork, then jam it into his eye, forcing him to finally say ” I Quit”   This was one ending that is not for the squimish.

Kurt Angle  vs  Jeff Hardy.

     This was the first of the two semi final matches for the vacant World Title.  There really is no way to describe just how good this match was.  Hardy has been criticized lately for turning in some lazy performances, but this was certainly not the case here.  Both men pulled out all the stops, and put on what has to be considered, a match of the year performance.  At one point, Hardy hit a Swanton on Angle, from the top rope onto the floor !  The only thing that was bad about this match, was the fact that it came to a 20 minute time limit draw.  Eric Bischoff came out and declared there must be a winner, and re-started the match with an overtime, not once but twice.  Still there was no winner, so the match was a no contest.   But this was easily the best performance that has been on a TNA pay per view in quite some time.  And it WASN’T the main event.  Talk about a show stealer.

The Pope  vs  Mr Anderson.

     I actually felt bad for Pope and Anderson, having to follow such a great match.  To their credit, they did have a pretty decent match in their own right,  but the crowd was already spent from the previous one.  It took Mr Anderson, two Mic Checks to finally finish off The Pope, but he did get the win, and is now in the main event at Bound For Glory.  My guess is, he will end up facing both Hardy and Angle, in a triple threat, since nothing was decided in their match.  As for The Pope, I wonder what direction they are going to take him, since a continued feud with Anderson seems unlikely at this point.

     So overall, No Surrender was actually a bit better than I expected, despite some very strange booking, and the main event falling flat, after following such a great Hardy/Angle showing.  I would have to give it a C +