Reggie Bush: An Analysis Of The Saints' Running Back

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IAugust 9, 2008

Here is my analysis of Reggie Bush, running back of the New OrleansSaints:


1)     Speed: A+

Reggie Bush may very well be the fastest running back in the National Football League. His blazing speed makes him a home run threat at any given time.

2)     Run Power: C-

Reggie’s lack of run power has greatly hindered his production thus far in his NFL career. Until he shows the ability to drive through a pile and do the dirty work required of an NFL back, Reggie will never be able to succeed as a traditional running back.

3)     Agility: A

Reggie’s agility is absolutely incredible, as it allows him to make any defender miss a tackle on any given run. However, I refrained from presenting him with an A+ in this category, as I feel there is still room for Bush to improve in this category before he equals the likes of Tomlinson.

4)     Vision: C

While Reggie Bush does have good vision in open field situations, his vision in crowded spaces leaves much to be desired. Reggie must learn to identify the whole in the defensive line and explode through it, rather than always looking to bounce the ball out to the outside lanes.

5)     Receiving: A+

Reggie Bush is currently one of the best receiving running backs in the game, as his receiving skills are nearly equivalent to that of an upper- tier wide receiver. Therefore, even when his running game isn’t going right, Bush can still contribute efficiently in receiving situations.

6)     Pass Protection: C-

Reggie still has a lot of work to do in respect to his pass protection. However, for a speed running back, he certainly isn’t terrible.

7)     Returning: A-

Reggie Bush is one of the better punt returners in the league. However, he does not return kicks and will likely return fewer and fewer punts as his skills as a running back continue to develop.


Overall Grade: B+